What about the bezels after the eclipse?


What about the bezels after the eclipse? -TVA Gatineau

Etienne Malouin | April 8, 2024

A prerequisite for this is that the observer can bring the solar eclipse into the bezel. You have a higher probability of being able to acquire them. Although the Eclipse no longer works, there are other alternatives that you just have to put in your pocket.

It is possible to preserve the bezels for some others in the next few years. The best part of preservation is getting the lunettes into a book.

Certain organisms are saved from lies in order to give other people's inhabitants a chance to experience a solar eclipse in the next few years. This is the case in the Maghreb in 2027.

Sinon, the assembly and the cardboard of the bezels are recycled. For what the glass is, there is a page for recycling on the page.