West Central manages to stay off the CAA list of the ten worst roads


After taking home the top two spots on the CAA Saskatchewan of Ten Worst Roads list last year, west-central Saskatchewan is managing to stay off the list in 2024 with voting already halfway through is.

Highway 30 and Highway 44 around Eston were at the top of the list in 2023, but the region currently has no roads bad enough to earn a spot in this year's top ten (so far). While many people have a local road on their minds, there must be some relief knowing that the rest of the province could be dealing with the same bumpy problems.

The current top ten (as of Friday) is listed below, with four Moose Jaw streets vying for position.

  1. Cupar – Highway #22 – Potholes
  2. Moosomin – Highway #8 – Potholes
  3. Buchanan – Highway #5 – Poor road maintenance
  4. Markinch – Highway #22 – Potholes
  5. Elkjaw – Coteau Street West – Potholes
  6. Cudworth – Highway #2 – Potholes
  7. White wood – Highway #9 – Poor road maintenance
  8. Elkjaw – 4 Avenue Southwest – Potholes/Moose Jaw – 13 Avenue Northwest – Potholes
  9. Elkjaw – 4 Avenue Viaduct Southwest – Poor road maintenance
  10. Springside – Highway #47 – Potholes

Read more from CAA, which featured roads around Hudson Bay and Whitewood this week. This year's top ten is expected to be announced on April 30, 2024, with voting running until April 29.