Update on high-ranking forest areas


The risk of forest fires in the high forest area remains HIGH.

Please exercise caution when working or recreationally outdoors and be aware of your surroundings. Any spark, friction or hot exhaust could start a forest fire. If you see smoke or flames in the forest and suspect It's a forest fire. Call 310-FIRE.

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Fire warning for the entire area

A fire warning is in effect for the High Level Forest Area.

Within the framework of this recommendation:

– Existing fire permits remain valid, but applications for extensions cannot be approved.
– New permits will be issued on a case-by-case basis and only for burning that is absolutely necessary.
– Campfires are allowed at designated campsites as well as at any campsite.
– Fireworks and exploding targets are prohibited.

We urge all landowners who have had fires during the winter and who already had fire permits to do so to revisit the fire sites to ensure that the fires have been fully extinguished.

The fire warning will remain in effect until the situation improves or further tightening is required.

If you see a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 310-FIRE.

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HTZ001 (Cameron Hills): Yesterday afternoon, May 24, 2024


HTZ001 (Cameron Hills): Yesterday afternoon, May 24, 2024

High altitude forest area | Forest fire situation | May 25, 2024

There are currently 11 fires burning in the High Level Forest Area (HLFA). Of these wildfires, 10 are considered under control and one is considered contained. Seven of these under control wildfires are leftovers from the 2023 season. In addition, there are five fires burning along the borders: three with BC, one with Wood Buffalo National Park and one with the NWT

Since January 1, 2024, there have been 35 wildfires in the HLFA, burning a total of 536 hectares (ha).

HTZ001 (Cameron Hills forest fire) is a mutual-based wildfire that started in the Northwest Territories in 2023. It is located near Indian Cabins, just south of the Northwest Territories (NWT) border. This fire crossed Highway 35 near Indian Cabins and the Hay River on May 10 and continues to burn in the area. The fire is now estimated to be 15,000 hectares in size. Please note that this affected area is not included in the total hectares shown above as this is a mutual-based wildfire that shares jurisdiction with the NWT.

Highway 35 and surrounding roads may be affected. We encourage all motorists to check Alberta 511 before traveling in this area to allow extra time in the event of road closures. For up-to-date information on highway closures, visit Alberta 511 or download the app.

The fire continues to rage north into the Northwest Territories and along Highway 35, with explosive fire behavior observed again yesterday. Crews have been deployed to the southern flanks and other areas where their safety could be ensured. As a result, no crews were withdrawn from the fire line yesterday. Firefighters worked with heavy equipment and helicopters with helicopter buckets to build and reinforce containment lines. 124 firefighters, 14 helicopters and 18 pieces of heavy equipment remain assigned to the incident.

While firefighters were unable to work in the northern area due to the intensity of the fire, aircraft were able to. Alberta Wildfire coordinated its aerial suppression efforts with the NWT, with both agencies using different aircraft to contain the spread of the fire on both sides of the border. Alberta Wildfire deployed firefighting aircraft throughout the afternoon and evening.

All suppression activities along the NWT border are coordinated with the NWT government. More information on their activities can be found here.

Highs of 19°C are expected today, along with low relative humidity of 35%, southeasterly winds of 15 to 20 km/h and a low chance of minimal rainfall. Such conditions favor the fire gaining significant ground. Tomorrow the chance of rainfall is higher, with 1 to 3 millimeters forecast.

We ask the public to stay away from the area while firefighters and aircraft continue their work to contain the spread of the wildfire. DO NOT use drones in the area surrounding the wildfire. If you are in the sky, we cannot fly.

HWF021 is classified as be held, The size is estimated at 378 ha and is now part of the MCX001 forest fire complex together with the Fort McMurray Forest Area. There is currently no threat to infrastructure or communities. This forest fire is being fought by the fire service and is being extinguished.

CLASSIFICATIONS | To learn more about wildfire classification, Click here.

LOCATIONS | To view this forest fire on our interactive map, Click here and follow the link to the active forest fire.

TRANSMITTED FOREST FIRES | Seven wildfires are known to have burned in the 2023 wildfire season. These fires are classified as under control (UC). Aircraft are conducting high-intensity infrared scans to determine if there are any other active spots in the forest area. The remaining wildfires on the landscape are being monitored for fire activity and resources are being deployed to extinguish hotspots as they are discovered.

Smoke Concerns: Smoke may be visible in high elevation forest areas. To view the predicted smoke, you can visit If you have any smoking-related health concerns, please call Alberta 811.

A fire permit is required for all fires in Alberta's forest reserves, with the exception of campfires. Currently, the High Level Forest Area is not issuing new burning permits and all existing permits have been suspended or cancelled.

Upland Forest Area | Permit Hotline: 780-926-5407. Find out about fire regulations and fire bans in your area. Fire bans in Alberta.

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Before you set off, please check to determine if fire warnings, fire restrictions or fire bans are in effect for your destination.