UFC 302: Grant Dawson wants Jalin Turner to help him get over Green's loss



Grant Dawson hopes for comeback at UFC 302

Newark, NJ — After a tough loss to Bobby Green at UFC 302, lightweight boxer Grant Dawson made a strong comeback by defeating Joe Solecki on Saturday night. Dawson showcased his dominant wrestling skills and overwhelmed Solecki in a fight that featured a lot of grappling.

In a post-fight interview with the media, Dawson expressed his satisfaction at being back on the winning list. He gave insight into his fight plan, mentioning that the flying knee strike was a strategic move to initiate the fight and clinch work. Although he originally planned on throwing more strikes, Dawson quickly got used to the fact that takedowns against Solecki were so easy to execute.

Dawson looked at Solecki's strengths on video and was confident of his own superior power and endurance during the fight. While he anticipated Solecki's attempts to get back to his feet, Dawson aimed for a finish, but it failed to materialize, resulting in a point victory.

In the future, Grant Dawson hopes to fight Jalin Turner to climb back up the rankings. Turner's victory over Bobby Green, which gave Dawson his first UFC loss, is additional motivation for Dawson.

By targeting Turner, Dawson sees an opportunity to indirectly overcome his previous loss. The prospect of facing Turner offers Dawson a chance to prove himself and potentially move up the ranks at lightweight.

As Grant Dawson sets his sights on future challenges, fans eagerly await his next moves in the Octagon. Stay tuned for more updates on Dawson's journey into the competitive world of the UFC.