Trudeau meets with the African Canadian Health Association


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia in Cherry Brook, NS, on Saturday for a roundtable discussion with the Health Association of African Canadians and other community leaders.

The panel discussion comes after Trudeau announced in Truro, New Jersey, on Friday that the Canadian federal government would cover the cost of contraceptives and diabetes medications.

“We must ensure that everyone has access to the care they need, and we must protect the integrity of universal health care in Canada by opposing those who want to privatize it,” Trudeau said Friday.

Trudeau spoke on Saturday about the concrete health initiatives that the Canadian federal government is offering Canadians.

“Concrete initiatives like the Black Mental Health Initiative, which reaches out to community organizations to provide mental health resources in a way that works for the black community,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau also mentioned other federal programs such as the National Pharmacy Plan and the Canadian Dental Plan.

“Since May 1 alone, over 100,000 seniors have accessed dental care, many for the first time. This makes a huge difference not only in health care, but also in affordability for people,” Trudeau said.

Sharon Davis-Murdoch of the Health Association of African Canadians said the association wants to build infrastructure outside of Metro Halifax and across the province.

“We are leaders in Black health care in this province. We have priorities for both Nova Scotia and the country.”

The association said it wanted the government to develop a ten-year plan to provide health care for the black population.

“At the national level, we would love to see a 10-year plan for Black health in Canada that targets improved outcomes and is measured every two years so we can continually correct course,” Davis-Murdoch said.

Saturday is Africa Day. In a statement from the federal government, Trudeau said that this year's theme is “Education for the 21st Century.”

“In the spirit of this year's Africa Day theme, 'Education for the 21st Century', we are working with our African partners to support quality education across the African continent, including in the area of ​​sexual and reproductive health. Each year, Canada also welcomes tens of thousands of students from African countries who bring their talent and innovation to our country.”