Three years with the stages for Marc-André Bergeron


“Je suis très content. The reason why I signed this contract is because I have a big goal from this year. This is a really good level of hockey with small motifs and I want to learn. Staff, I live in Trois-Rivières and live beyond us, it's in Rivière-du-Loup or very close. “The ensemble of my work offers a style that I immediately like,” says Marc-André Bergeron.

“This announcement is very significant for our organization.” Plusieurs-Entreeurs-Marquants have passed in the history of the Estacades and depending on whether Marc-André left the Ceux-Ci party. “His baggage and our experience allow us to increase our potential, our community and our individuality,” said Carl Dufresne, President of the Estacades Council.

I returned to this new universe shortly after arriving in the EU near the end of camp in Bergeron to learn quickly in this environment. Until the season is over, he will advance in his new roles to become the image of his protégés. This design relationship is intended to help developers make a decision that they can use well in their role.

“My mentality is to make my children more individual and their children understand the game of hockey when they play and have a professional and professional attitude towards the way they make their decisions.” I have found out how enjoyable the is human. This year the young man's engagement was over. Seeing that they start at a certain point and end at a different place allows you to make progress in certain cases, which is very pleasant.

Pas-Pressé de Passer au Prochain level

After a first the next year, it seemed normal for Bergeron to be at the next level. The most important thing is that it is my top priority. The context is aimed at realizing professional and family plans.

“Dans ma situation, I'm good or I'm still a few years old, that's for sure. Après ça, on Verra. If the children are part of the house and we set off, they may interest us. There are some people who are currently there who are receiving the mail that was delivered to the junior in the east. At this moment I don't have time to spend two hours in the car. I did tons of work and wanted to work with the Estacades. I think I hired a position as an assistant in the hockey league (LNH), but I think more than …»

The vacancies at Bergeron include the Moncton-based Wildcats and Halifax-based Mooseheads. These two clubs have led to a change in junior boss following the results of the last elimination games of the Maritimes Québec Junior Hockey League (LHJMQ).

An opportunity for coach Fiston

One of the interesting prospects on the horizon for Bergeron is an opportunity directed by Frédéric's son. After a season in the M15 AAA elite, Frédéric, who occupies the post of attack, tries to take his place in the vestiaire of the club M18 AAA of the relays at the age of 15. For the father, this perspective is beautiful.

“A consummate party of reality. We talked about a nice gift in our family. It is a decision that needs to be made, family speaking. I discuss with additional hockey players they have or have not been directed by their child. The crowd I talked to said they had the chance to have fun and they had to try it. If you don't regret it, you won't regret it. That is my encouragement. I firmly believe that I will return the favor. Par counter, Frédéric no longer has any rights. This is the right place.”

In 24 games in the M15 AAA elite, the player scored 20 points. He defended the colors of Mauritius at the Quebec Games in ice hockey, but also in golf (medal).