Thousands of runners prepare for the Saskatchewan Marathon


Thousands of runners prepare for the Saskatchewan Marathon

At the Saskatchewan Marathon, runners compete in eight different races ranging from two to 42.2 kilometers. (Saskatchewan Marathon/Facebook)

Thousands of runners are preparing to take part in one of Saskatchewan's largest marathons this weekend.

The Saskatchewan Marathon in Saskatoon includes eight different races, ranging from a two-kilometre race to a full marathon of 42.2 kilometres. Amy Wall, a volunteer marathon captain, explained what the event is all about.

“The Saskatchewan Marathon is one of the longest running marathons in Canada,” said Wall. “It's a very big race in Saskatchewan, with over 3,000 people registered for this weekend.”

This marathon has never had so many participants, and the runners do not only come from Saskatchewan.
“People come from all over Canada just to run the marathon,” Wall said. “We have a nice flat course, the weather is still pretty cool here in May, so people come from all over.”

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If you're not sure whether you want to take part in one of the races, Wall explains why you should lace up your running shoes and sign up.

“The Saskatchewan Marathon is such a fun event that there is something for everyone,” said Wall. “We offer elite runners the opportunity to achieve their personal best or qualify for the Boston Marathon. We also have many first-time runners.”

There are also opportunities for people to walk.

The marathon is intended to run along the North Saskatchewan River for as long as possible, but there are some obstructions on the road.
Traffic restrictions have already been introduced, starting at 5 a.m. and lasting until 1 p.m.

The following roads are affected by the restrictions:

  • McPherson Avenue from Taylor Street E to 8th Street E
  • St. Henry Avenue from Diefenbaker Park Road to Lorne Avenue
  • Victoria Avenue NB lanes from 8th Street E to 19th Street E
  • Taylor Street E from Lorne Avenue to Victoria Avenue
  • Eastlake Avenue from Ruth Street E to Taylor Street E
  • Lanes of Victoria Avenue NB from Taylor Street E to 8th Street E
  • Traffic bridge from 11th Street E to 19th Street E
  • Spadina Crescent E NB lanes from 20th Street E to Pinehouse Drive
  • Spadina Crescent W from Power Road to Schuyler Street