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Jeremy Camp hopes his new album will help people more than ever before

It was an emotional few days for Jeremy Camp as he celebrated the release of his latest album, Deeper waters.

The 13-track album, he says, is a reflection of the last two decades of his life in the spotlight.

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Eye doctor puts faith at the forefront in powerful new film ‘Sight’

From labor camps to an award-winning ophthalmologist: Dr. Ming Wang's inspiring life story comes to life in the new faith-filled film view.

Born in China in the 1970s, Wang endured great hardships, ending up in a labor camp during China's Cultural Revolution. During this time, Wang was beaten and traumatized after his family was taken from him, which affected him for years.

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God at the center of the performance of “American Idol”

The American Idol During a special performance on Sunday, the stage was transformed into a place of worship.

CeCe Winans took the stage to sing “Goodness of God” alongside Roman Collins, who was eliminated during Top 12 night.

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“I prayed with her”: Heroic firefighter saves woman after terrible accident

A truck driver thanks God for her help and talks about a near-death experience she had when her tractor-trailer fell off a bridge in Kentucky.

The four-vehicle crash occurred on March 1 on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky. A 33-year-old man was driving a pickup truck and reportedly lost control on the two-lane bridge and crashed into a semi-trailer truck.

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Winnipeg students take their math to the next level and donate hygiene kits to MCC

A group of high school students in Winnipeg used math class to go beyond the usual and support those in need.

During regular ninth grade math class, students were given the task of creating a rectangular prism box from a sheet of paper. The scenario of the task was to create a box for a relief package that would fit a large amount of products.

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LISTEN: New single talks about hope for heaven with “See You Again”

An up-and-coming Christian artist and father of three has released a new single about the hope of one day seeing his friend again in heaven.

Justin Warren’s new single is called “See You Again” and is all about his best friend Luke DeGroff.

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“I should have been dead”: How Benjamin Hylden regained confidence in the field after a terrible accident

Benjamin Hylden was a typical teenager who loved sports and dreamed of one day becoming a professional basketball player. That all changed when his world was turned upside down on Good Friday 2007.

On his way to an appointment, Hylden was speeding down a dirt road in Park River, North Dakota, when he lost control of his vehicle. The car rolled several times and Ben was ejected, slamming headfirst into a semi-frozen field.

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Inmates of the maximum security prison, including a Wicca leader, were spontaneously baptized in prison

God Behind Bars recently witnessed lives radically changed during a baptism service in a maximum security prison.

While 20 prisoners in South Dakota had originally registered for baptism by the ministry, five more men spontaneously decided to be baptized during the service last week.

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The first film depicting the life of Jesus in ASL will be released this summer

The deaf community will soon be able to look at the story of Jesus’ life in a completely new way.

JESUS: A missionary film for the deaf will be released in theaters on June 20th and is the first of its kind. Viewers will be able to see the life and death of Jesus portrayed in its entirety in American Sign Language (ASL).

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The ministry has witnessed over 63,000 church plants and 100 million decisions for salvation

A United States-based ministry has partnered with missionaries around the world to help people come to know Jesus.

Since its founding in 1986, Reaching Souls International has witnessed millions of soul healing decisions and thousands of church plants.

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“God lit a match”: At Baptize California, 12,000 people were baptized within two days

A total of 12,000 people were recently baptized in California within two days. It was the largest baptism event in the country to date.

“You can smell another Great Awakening like rain in the air before it arrives,” said Pastor Mark Francey, founder of the event, in an interview with CBN. “God lit a match yesterday! If God can do this in the church in California, it can – and will – happen in the rest of America!”

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“Operation Valiant Knight” ended with the arrest of 27 child molesters

The Tim Tebow Foundation, along with other authorities, has arrested 27 people involved in the sexual exploitation of children in Florida.

“These men, arrested as part of an operation called 'Operation Valiant Knight,' are accused of using the internet to sexually exploit children,” the Tim Tebow Foundation said on Instagram. “In partnership with Operation Light Shine and the INTERCEPT Task Force, we are grateful to have been able to support this effort to combat child exploitation.”

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Over 200 children rescued as hostages in Nigeria

Recently, around 350 people, including over 200 children, were rescued in Nigeria after they were kidnapped and held hostage because of their Christian faith.

The radical Islamic group Boko Haram has been fighting to overthrow the government since 2009. The group terrorizes the country's Christians, who number just over 108 million.

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The 2nd Annual Truth and Reconciliation Gathering is a “wonderful learning opportunity for Christians”

Siloam Mission invites Christians to its second annual Truth and Reconciliation Gathering at The Leaf to give them the opportunity to grow closer to Christ and community.

“We have been very fortunate at Siloam to have wonderful people to mentor us on our journey of reconciliation,” says Tessa Blaikie-Whitecloud, Executive Director of Siloam Mission. “It is extremely important for us to follow Christ's call and build right relationships with one another.”

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