The sour milk can reach up to 3,000 meters per night


The animal likes it very much, the sour weather is a weapon for the animals that cannot be missed. She is able to eat more insects than every night. Because of this tonal ability, the animal is a protégé in France and represents a significant contribution to biological diversity.

La chauve-souris: mal-aimée, mais protégée

Everything like the Araignées, the Cafards, the Rats and even more so the Serpents, the Chauves-Souris are not good targets. The Semblance was alienated, he was linked to vampires and loved by demons when he was unfazed, the strangers were uninspired and had no faith. However, these animals are essential for biodiversity and represent nothing to me 20% of the mammifères vivant sur terre, see a publication by the Société Française pour l'Étude et la Protection des Mammifères (SFEPM). Par ailleurs, les chauves-souris sont Protégés in France since 1976particularly in relation to Article L.411-1 of the Environmental Code.

Les chauves-souris les plus courantes, which belong to the genre of “Pipistrelles” (Pipistrellus) which grouped itself into a Trentian, somewhat lively spirit throughout Europe. Or: He says he is in the fullness of little boys, don't let the body be measured seulement quelques centimeters (between 3.5 cm and 8 cm long). The ingredients are either round (between 18 cm and 24 cm) and have a mass (from 3 to 8 g).

Chauve Souris
Credits: CreativeNature_nl / iStock

One of the ennemis du moustique

Pas moins de 70% Des Chauves Souris There are no insectivores in the world, it's good that this animal is a tower threatened by mice. As those responsible for the project explicitly stated in a publication, they were asked by the French government to reveal the equivalent in a timely manner 3,000 moustiques every night en moyenne. The animal also plays a very important role in regulating the mouse population.

In retrospect, I know very well that Souris can be effective against the Tiger (Aedes albopictus) here envahit Progression of Europe Since he arrived in 2004, it was terrible for him not to keep him busy, he was particularly quiet and agitated during the trip, mainly at the lever and on the sun lounger. Ainsi, la chauve-souris was a beastly night, and she could not be able to suck against Lui. In reality, the mother is effective against the common mouse (Culex pipiens)a cousin Exercise during the night and beaucoup plus bruyant.

Please note, however, that certain people may wish to reduce the number of people near their accommodation installer des nichoirs à chauve-souris. For example, the Deux-Sèvres Nature Environnement plate was detailed in a publication in the following stages for the manufacture of its devices. These people are ready to take care of the work and protect it by offering free services.