The grim reality of Hull FC is once again becoming a reality as the club must resolve succession issues


Hull FC suffered their tenth consecutive defeat on Friday night, losing 30-22 to Castleford Tigers. The result all but confirms a two-horse race with the London Broncos for top spot in the Super League, with the Black and Whites potentially finishing bottom of the table for the first time in 60 years.

That is the reality now staring them in the face, with the team only ahead of London on points difference. It is a grim situation, with Hull having won just one of their last 19 games since last August. They are on course for their worst ever Super League season, having managed just one win all year, compared to five in 30 league games in the 1999 season. They could also yet set an unwanted club record, with their longest ever losing streak currently standing at 13 games, first set in the 1963/64 season and then equalised in late 2018 and early 2019, and dangerously under threat.

That is where Hull stands today. They are a bottom two team, a fact confirmed by Castleford, who fully deserved their win. In fact, the final scoreline flattered Hull. For about sixty minutes, Castleford were by far the better team, the away side only coming into their own in the last 20 minutes.

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That coincided with Morgan Smith coming onto the field, but it was also a last chance, as Hull brought the kind of urgency and desperation to their game that had been sorely lacking in the last three quarters of the game. It was last chance, but that doesn't take away from Smith, whose introduction certainly upped the tempo. It was also a little too late, as Hull added a few more points to make the final score look more respectable.

However, all that hustle and bustle did not change the fact that this team was way behind. They were better than they were in London, but that's like saying a relay team would be better off swapping a sumo wrestler for another sprinter. They're just not good enough to score points in this league. It's a sad state of affairs. For much of the game, Castleford showed more intent, energy, urgency, desire and attitude. They had more to offer and in truth only two gifts, first an advance and then an interception, kept Hull at bay.

They were way off target, as they have been for most of this season. That's just not good enough, when you add to the problems that have hampered the club for years. Hull deserve to be where they are now. There's no getting around it.

Yet amidst all the gloom there were some bright spots in West Yorkshire. The brightest was Logan Moy, the teenage full-back who held his own. He never threw in the towel, followed the play all game, came back well and tried to get into the back line. He was energetic, he was brave and he showed why he was rewarded with a new three-year contract.