The future of the Canadiens candidate in the club could be uncertain


When Montreal Canadiens rookie Sean Farrell was drafted in 2020, many considered him a bargain. However, Farrell has just completed his first professional season, which was plagued by injuries.

His first season with the Laval Rockets in the AHL and the fact that other talents are overtaking him in the rankings have caused many fans to dismiss Farrell's chances in the NHL.

Does Farrell still have an NHL future with the Montreal Canadiens or will he continue his professional career elsewhere?

Sean Farrell's future with the Montreal Canadiens

Farrell was drafted 124th overall by the Canadiens in the fourth round and had an outstanding USHL season, scoring 101 points in just 53 games.

However, he slipped down the draft rankings due to his stature. Farrell is only 5'10″ and weighs 175 pounds. Many scouts wondered if Farrell could adapt to the physical side of the game at the professional level.

Statistical overview of Sean Farrell's career

Farrell would continue to prove people wrong after his draft. He played two more seasons at Harvard, where he scored 81 points in a total of 58 games.

What really put Farrell on the map, however, was his performance at the 2022 Olympics, when he scored six points in four games. Later that year, he also scored six points in ten games at the 2022 Men's World Championship.

Despite these impressive performances against top-man competition, Sean Farrell's last year was not as successful. Farrell had a brief stint with the Canadiens after signing his entry-level contract at the end of the 2022-23 season. He recorded just one point in six games and did not seem ready for the NHL level.

He spent the following season in Laval, scoring well with 28 points in 47 games. However, he was not healthy and suffered several injuries throughout the season, which called into question his ability to cope with the rigors of the NHL.

Canadiens depth charts

The Canadiens are currently short on forwards. They are also expected to sign some hard-hitting forwards sooner or later to complete their top six. This does not bode well for Farrell's chances of making the lineup, as there are many experienced and young hitters ahead of him in the lineup.

Farrell also fell victim to one of the NHL's deepest talent pools. He was once considered one of the organization's most promising forwards, but has since been overtaken by other talent, including players like Joshua Roy, Emil Heineman, Owen Beck and Oliver Kapanen.

How Farrell fits into the Canadiens' future

The big problem with Farrell is that he's a guy who relies solely on his skill to get by. While he's immensely talented, he can't really showcase that skill unless he's used in a top-six role.

However, with the Canadiens overstaffed on offense and many promising young players expected to join the team, it will be difficult for Farrell to make it into the Canadiens' top six.

For bottom-six forwards, the team will likely look to players like Beck, Roy, Heineman and Kapanen who are physical and versatile, yet still have offensive potential. The same cannot be said for Farrell, and that is why he has no place in the team's bottom-six.

For this reason, his future in the team is uncertain.

Many fans have dismissed Farrell's chances of playing for the Canadiens because of these factors. However, it's unfair to completely dismiss Farrell's chance of ever playing for the Habs after just one professional season.

But the Canadiens could decide to use him in a package deal to acquire a more impactful forward for their future. Either way, the next year or two will be crucial to Farrell's future with the Canadiens.