The Evan Bray Show Segments – Friday, April 19th


8:30 – The Government of Saskatchewan says it has reached a tentative agreement with teachers in the province. But Samantha Becotte, president of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, calls it a last-ditch bid. Labor and employment attorney Steven Seiferlingjoins Evan to decipher the difference in language and explain why the narratives on both sides might be different.

9:00 – The Saskatchewan NDP has valued the motel holdings of Saskatchewan Party MLA Gary Grewal at a total dollar amount. The party claims Grewal's motels have received nearly three-quarters of a million dollars from the Department of Social Services since his election in 2020. Official Opposition Critic for Ethics and Democracy, Meara ConwayEvan explains this figure.

9:30 – There's a lot going on in Saskatchewan between reactions to the federal budget, teachers and concerns about MLA hotel ownership. Call Evan with your own political response in Saskatchewan at 1-877-332-8255.

10:00 – Bugs 'n Hugs – Every Friday we open the phone lines and give you the opportunity to call or praise someone you think deserves it. Call 1-877-332-8255 and join the conversation!

11:00 – What time is it? It's time to eat! with Belton Johnson – supported by the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association! Grill master Belton Johnson accompanies Evan with his recipe for prime rib.

11:15 – They are back! As the little snow the province received this winter recedes, potholes have returned, causing difficulties on the roads for drivers across the province. With her emergence, the CAA launches its annual “Worst Roads” campaign. Christine Niemczyk with CAA Join Evan to explore some of the worst potholes in Saskatchewan.

11:30 a.m. – Where is the worst pothole you know of in Saskatchewan? Call or text Evan (and send a picture!). 1-877-332-8255!

12:00 Marnie Farn, a Saskatoon woman who is also Metis and owner of, became an entrepreneur after seeing a need for lice removal services. Through her hard work and community support, she has built a successful local business. She joins Evan to share her journey of entrepreneurship and perseverance.