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Don't get me wrong, we're big fans of vegetarian food at Urban List, but sometimes nothing beats a good steak. Thankfully, Singapore is home to plenty of steakhouses. Whether you prefer filet mignon, ribeye, or porterhouse, you can be sure that these restaurants know how to cook a tender, juicy steak.

From Argentinian grills to fine dining, here are the best steakhouses in Singapore if you're craving meat.

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

26 Mohamed Sultan Road

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse
Photo credit: Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse | Supplied

Singapore's homegrown steakhouse Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse has once again been named Asia's Best Steakhouse at the World's 101 Best Steak Restaurants awards. It is also currently ranked 23rd in the world and is the only Asian steakhouse in the top 50.

Located in a quaint traditional shophouse on Mohamed Sultan Road, the restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine as well as traditional Tuscan steaks for sharing. The signature dish, the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, is a thick-cut, charcoal-grilled T-bone steak designed for sharing. Cooked in traditional Tuscan style on a high-temperature wood-fired grill, it has a charred crust but a tender and juicy center.

As for the individual cuts, the grass-fed beef sirloin is unbeatable. Both should be paired with the wild arugula, balsamic and parmesan salad. If you're especially hungry, try the mac and cheese with bechamel, gruyere cheese and breadcrumbs.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-71, Marina Bay Sands

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
Photo credit: CUT by Wolfgang Puck | Facebook

As the only Michelin-starred steakhouse in Singapore, CUT by Wolfgang Puck is a mecca for discerning steak lovers who want to discover rare and exclusive premium cuts never before made in Singapore. The steaks are expertly seasoned, grilled over charcoal and apple wood, finished under a 1,200-degree grill and accompanied by a selection of house-made sauces.

If your budget allows, we recommend the Wagyu tasting plate with cuts of meat from America, Australia and Japan. Add to that the Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and the roasted broccoli with sesame aioli and you'll forget all about the charge on your credit card.


W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, 21 Ocean Way

Steak dish from SKIRT
Photo credit: SKIRT | Supplied

Celebrating the art of barbecue, SKIRT recently reopened its doors at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove after an extensive renovation. Alongside the fresh new interior, the menu has been updated to showcase locally sourced ingredients and premium cuts of meat – prime steaks, fresh seafood and vegetarian delights cooked in a wood-fired oven.

The team at SKIRT places great emphasis on aging, so all premium proteins get the time they deserve to reach the peak of tenderness and flavor. They're also handled with care to ensure every bite is juicy and delicious. If we had to choose, we'd go for the grass-fed, free-range beef with grilled asparagus on the side.


21A Boon Tat Road

A selection of dishes from Meadesmoore
Photo credit: Meadesmoore | Supplied

Inspired by the great American steakhouses of the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, Meadesmoore has established itself as one of Singapore's most popular steakhouses. Specialising in unusual cuts from award-winning premium producers such as 2GR in Australia and Snake River Farms in America, the restaurant, led by Executive Chef Victor Loy, presents classic steaks in a playful way.

According to the chef, the highlight of any steakhouse is the prime rib, a cut prized for its generous marbling and layer of fat. At Meadesmoore, their 45-day aged MS 3+ bone-in vintage prime rib offers more depth of flavor thanks to dry aging for 15 days longer than the regular 30 days. Perfect for sharing (which is good, since it's expensive), this steak comes from free-range, grass-fed dairy cows that are allowed to age for at least 60 months, meaning their meat is richer and deeper in flavor.

Burnt ends

7 Dempsey Road, No. 01-02

How to prepare steak on the grill by Burnt Ends
Photo credit: Burnt Ends | Supplied

Founded by chef and owner Dave Pynt, Burnt Ends is a Michelin-starred contemporary barbecue restaurant prized for its high-quality cuts of meat. The restaurant is currently ranked 65th on the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants List 2023 and 24th on the San Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best Restaurants List 2023.

All food is usually kissed by the flame, whether it comes straight from the grill or from an oven pit with burning logs. With a menu that changes daily, we recommend trying the fillets, slow-aged meats and daily specials. The watercress salad is also a great way to reduce the fat content of the meat if you can get it.

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27 Clubstrasse

Steaks on the grill at boCHINche
Photo credit: boCHINche | Supplied

BoCHINche is a modern Argentine cocina (kitchen) known for its fun and lively atmosphere, serving delicious Argentine dishes and tasty steaks. The centerpiece of BoCHINche is a wood and charcoal grill, allowing the kitchen to demonstrate traditional asado (barbecue) techniques.

Kissed by fire and forged from culture-rich recipes, the menu showcases tried-and-true staples alongside regional specialties, sourced seasonally from around the world to ensure the finest produce year-round. Highlights include Stone Axe's 100% full-blood Wagyu ribeye steak and King Island Yearling Angus porterhouse steak. To accompany your steak, we recommend the chimichurri sauce and broccolini with pomegranate and bacon bits.

Keep the beef

Different places

A steak from Keef the Beef
Photo credit: Keef the Beef | Supplied

With two locations across Singapore – Keef the Beef Grandstand (200 Turf Club Road, #01-12 The Grandstand) and Keef the Beef Bungalow (2A Rochester Park) – you know Keef the Beef must be doing something right.

The PL, Keef the Beef's signature dish, was inspired by Peter Luger, the legendary Brooklyn steakhouse that encouraged chef and owner Keith Wong to turn his steak obsession into an expanding business. The PL steak is drenched in a secret butter sauce and placed in a 1000°F salamander. The resulting Maillard reaction (a chemical reaction that occurs in the presence of heat between amino acids and reducing sugars) sweetens the steak and creates a multi-dimensional flavor as well as a beautiful brown hue. Pair your PL with a side of sweet buttered white corn and hand-cut fries for an unbeatable combination.

WAKANUI Grill Dining

5 Straits View, Marina One The Heart West Tower, No. 04-02

Steak from WAKANUI Grill
Photo credit: WAKANUI Grill Dining | Supplied

WAKANUI Grill is a New Zealand steak and lamb restaurant located in the West Tower of Marina One. It originally opened its doors in Tokyo in 2011 and quickly established itself as one of the city's leading steakhouses – a feat it has since repeated in Singapore.

The best New Zealand Ocean Beef and WAKANUI spring lamb is served here. All meat is grilled over Binchotan charcoal from Japan, considered by chefs to be the best charcoal in the world. We recommend starting your meal with the succulent lamb chop, seasoned with just salt and pepper, followed by the Ocean Beef Ribeye and a side of mashed potatoes with smoked cheddar – a meal you're sure to remember. Oh, and since it's a New Zealand restaurant, it would be rude not to order a slice of Pavlova for dessert – you can thank us later.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

1 Nanson Road, #02-01, Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay

A selection of dishes from Wolfgang's Steakhouse
Photo credit: Wolfgang's Steakhouse | Supplied

Taking the basic principles from his years as head waiter at Peter Luger, Wolfgang Zwiener has not only recreated an exceptional steakhouse, but has improved it, creating Wolfgang's Steakhouse. The menu serves only the best – prime USDA Black Angus steak, dry-aged on-site for at least 28 days – and gets straight to the point.

If you want to go all out, the 60-day dry-aged rib eye steak is truly delicious and worth every penny. Alternatively, the New York sirloin is just as juicy but half the price. Add garlic-roasted asparagus, sautéed mushrooms and a slice of pecan pie for dessert and you'll be a very satisfied customer.

Big Belly (FBG)

10 Jalan Serene, #01-04 Serene Centre

A steak from Fat Belly (FBG)
Photo credit: Fat Belly (FBG) | Supplied

Founded in 2017, Fat Belly (FBG) prides itself on its sourcing and butchery. The company works with a tight-knit network of producers around the world to produce lesser-known cuts of beef, pork and other meats. Chef Spencer Lau takes a minimalist approach to preparing the meat he sources for the chargrilled section of the menu, simply grilling it to perfection over charcoal flames. The meat is left to rest, then sliced ​​and served.

The grass-fed Rioplatense beef from the Pampas in Argentina is always a crowd favorite. It's served medium rare with a bulb of garlic to enhance the flavor. If you like your steak a little fattier, the premium Jack's Creek F1 Wagyu Deckle MS-4/5 from New South Wales in Australia is for you. It has a good bite, a buttery flavor, and is their fattiest cut. As for sides, the deep-fried Brussels sprouts florets tossed in house-made garum caramel and savory granola made from toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and fried shallots are a real game-changer.

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