Texas travel destination named “best small town” in the entire state


Would you consider your city one of the best in the state? Across the state, there are quaint, thriving communities with nothing more than a few stoplights and neighbors who know each other by name. Each of them offers residents and visitors something completely unique.

Whether you live in one of these nice, close-knit communities or visit them often to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, there is one Texas city that is considered the best in the state.

According to a list of World Atlasthe best small town in all of Texas is Marfa.

Here is what World Atlas had to say about the best small town in the entire state:

“Marfa is an oasis of artistic beauty in the high deserts of West Texas. This seemingly normal town of 1,800, far removed from civilization, has a long history of creativity in the arts. From the minimalist art of Donald Judd to historic architecture, there is much for tourists to admire. If you're here for this side of Marfa, start with a trip to the various art museums and galleries scattered throughout the town. Fort DA Russell, the Ballroom Marfa and the Judd Foundation offer insight into all sorts of art styles and techniques.”

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