Sask. Parliamentary security officials unaware that MP brought a weapon into the building


A 2016 email describing the day Jeremy Harrison allegedly brought a gun into Parliament House shows that security forces were unaware of the former Saskatchewan government leader's visit.

In the redacted email obtained by CTV News, the then-acting Sergeant-at-Arms of the Saskatchewan Parliament expressed concerns about an incident in which Sask. Party MP Jeremy Harrison brought a gun into Parliament Building.

According to the email, the incident occurred shortly before noon on Thursday, April 28, 2016. Security noticed a man in camouflage clothing walking toward the building with a gun case.

The security service did not recognize the person.

“[Redacted] did not recognize the person and was in the process of turning on his radio and telling security personnel that there was a weapon,” the message said. “At that point, the person was close enough for [redacted] say something.”

The unnamed security guard apparently said “sir,” whereupon the person looked up and revealed that it was Harrison.

The message goes on to say that Harrison walked past the kiosk with his gun case and disappeared around the corner.

“The weapon itself was not visible, but it was obvious that it was a gun case.”

The email listed several concerns raised by the event.

“We should be informed in advance about this kind of behaviour, even by an MLA, so that we can respond appropriately and even give them advice on how to proceed,” it said.

Parliamentary security did not take the weapon from Harrison. The message said that staff should be able to take the weapon and keep it in their offices rather than allowing it into the building.

“Under these circumstances, there is no need for anyone in this building to possess a weapon,” the email said.

The message also noted that Harrison was not immediately recognized due to his clothing and hat, raising further concerns.

Finally, the email criticized Harrison's decision not to leave the gun in his vehicle.

“To be fair to Mr. Harrison, he probably did not think the gun would be safe in his pickup truck, which brings its own legal issues. However, I think Mr. Harrison handled this poorly,” it said.

The email is the latest development in a long-running saga that has seen Harrison resign as leader of the government following allegations made by Speaker of the House Randy Weekes.

Weekes claimed he was harassed and intimidated by members of the Sask. Party during his tenure as speaker.

He also alleged that Harrison attempted to carry a handgun in Parliament and breached Parliamentary regulations by bringing a firearm into the building.

Harrison clearly denied all of Weekes' allegations – before backtracking on the gun incident.

The Saskatchewan NDP is scheduled to respond to the redacted email at a media event at 2:30 p.m. CST.

–More details to follow…