Rupert Grint’s TV spin-off “Snatch” is panned


The reviews for the TV spin-off of Guy Ritchie's 2000 crime thriller Snatch are in… but they're pretty terrible.

“Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint – also an executive producer of the show – leads the cast to the small screen and plays Charlie Cavendish, a “criminal aristocrat” alongside a group of similarly inclined, charming young villains.

The cast includes Tamar Hassan, Luke Pasqualino, Lucien Laviscount, Marc Warren, Dougray Scott and Phoebe Dyvenor.

But despite a handful of stars, this gangster thriller set in southeast London fails to impress critics.

On Digital Spy, Morgan Jeffery writes: “[Snatch] is not doomed to failure. But it fails because while in some places it tries to emulate the original film, in others it completely misses what made Ritchie's film so successful.

“It's hard to imagine anyone being convinced by a story about London bad boys that's more reminiscent of Only Fools than Long Good Friday.”

Collider now describes the project as a “waste of time and money.”

“[It’s] A series that wants to take risks but doesn't want to provoke anyone and that is happy to use the popularity of the original film to sell a cheap copy,” adds Chris Cabin.

(Image credit: Crackle)(Image credit: Crackle)

(Image credit: Crackle)

AV Club also calls it a “boring copy of Guy Ritchie.”

Stuart Heritage's two-star review in the Guardian is not exactly flattering (“The dialogue… stinks like a corpse on a hot day”), but there were a handful of veiled compliments.

“Snatch is not a good television show from any conceivable perspective,” he writes.

“But that's OK, because Snatch wasn't a very good movie either. It was an overstuffed, overcomplicated hodgepodge of ideas that Guy Ritchie made as if he'd just been told he'd never be allowed to work again. It was too pretentious, too convoluted. It was a mess. The TV series, on the other hand, is short on ideas, which is actually to its advantage. All the plot lines were tightened up and every new development was explained over and over again just to make sure everyone understood. It's shameless pre-chewing, but at least it's easy to digest.”

Variety was kinder, but still remained cautious. Sonia Saraiya summed it up: “As far as fan fiction goes, it's incredibly fun, with actors enjoying their lighthearted fun.

“But you don't get the feeling that everyone involved in 'Snatch' is just auditioning for roles in a movie that was made over 15 years ago, like you can get that by wishing hard.”

The series continues Thursday nights on Crackle.

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