Rimouski Curling Club: Invitation to Son Souper de Krabben


You have the opportunity to reserve a table or an individual place for the golfers of the Rimouski Curling Club, on April 20th, at 6.30 p.m., at the L'Empress Golf Club.

At a cost of $560 for a table or $80 per person, all interested parties simultaneously participated in the project to relocate the curling club to an annex to the golf club in the Pointe-au-Père district.

The event included a dance evening on the theme of the years 70-80, in which there were numerous attendance prizes.

The convives might also benefit from a $30 spaghetti alternative.

As the buyer of the tickets, you can rely on this lien.

Annexe to the chalet

The Rimouski curling club was announced as part of a sales discussion with a price of $725,000, and at the end its installations at the Empress golf club were announced.

Three curling avenues are located in the current chalet of the L'Empress golf club. (Photo courtesy)

The project includes the construction of a building attached to the chalet, may include three curling avenues and is supported by a financial advisor from the Government of Quebec. Demand will be discontinued in the fall.

In 1944, the Rimouski Curling Club launched a series of re-staffing or defusing projects over several decades.