Researcher hikes through Manitoba forests to find undocumented waterfall –


Shayne Thiessen was searching for Muhigan Falls, an undocumented waterfall, and was successful.

His adventure began on Highway 6 towards Northern Manitoba, where he experienced the beauty of nature and wildlife.

Fortunately, Thiessen did not come face to face with any animals during his entire trip. From the safety of his vehicle, he managed to see a timber wolf and a black bear.

“There was no contact with wildlife, no contact with mosquitoes, which is really good,” says Thiessen. “We saw a black bear during the trip and moose and bear tracks.”

Hike to Muhigan Falls

He drove as far as he could along an old forest road, clearing trees and branches along the way. Eventually the road became impassable and he left his truck behind to begin the hike.

“We drove in and there's an area that's been dammed by beavers and the road there is wet and swampy,” he explained. “But we were able to stay dry by walking along the top of the beaver dam, which was nice.”

For Thiessen, the beaver dam bridges were a highlight of the trip. He is always amazed by the talents of these animals.

“My favorite way to cross the water is always to walk over beaver dams. I always enjoy that. There are these natural bridges and it's cool to see how well these dams are built.”

Hike to Muhigan Falls

Before each hike, Thiessen plans out a plan to know where he wants to go. However, his destination can change depending on what the forest offers.

“We just changed the route. We took a detour because what you actually see when hiking is a little different than what you see from the satellite.”

With the help of a GPS, he easily found his way through the forest.

“Walking through the forest without finding a path is a real experience,” says Thiessen. “With GPS, it's a great tool. You look at the GPS device and know immediately when you're off track.”

He trudged through the forest, but was pleasantly surprised.

“I thought it would be very slow and time consuming to walk through the forest, but there was much less undergrowth under the trees than expected, which made hiking much easier.”

Thiessen made a documentary about his journey and explains some of the work involved.

“Filming took some time, but it's not as hard as it used to be,” he says. “Nowadays I mostly use my drone for that. I could just stop, set it up, fly it 100 meters in front of me and then just walk up to it. It made it a lot easier and you get all these nice angles. So that was really helpful.”

After a long journey he finally reached Muhigan Falls.

Using his GPS and a laser measuring device, Thiessen determined the height of the waterfall.

“According to my measurements, it was 13 meters. That is very impressive and ranks second in the province of Manitoba.”

He describes his experience as an amazing and great adventure that he would like to share with Manitoba and everyone who loves great travel.

“This is an adventure I will never forget,” says Thiessen.

Hike to Muhigan Falls

​​​​​​Hike to Muhigan Falls

Bigger things are ahead for Thiesse as he is already planning his next adventure.

“I hope we can make it in September. We'll film everything from there. It's another big waterfall and I'm really excited.”

Check out Shayne Thiessen's documentary The Hunt for Muhigan Falls and follow his website to stay up to date with all his latest adventures!

-With files from Carly Koop