Police operations: six members of the Criminal Investigation Department arrested in Saguenay


Six members of the Criminal Investigation Department were arrested here less than 30 years ago in the suite of an important operational police force in the Saguenay area, along with the fight against perplexities that are raging in various regions of Quebec.

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It concerns a citizen who lodged an appeal with the Saguenay Police Service (SPS) when he came into contact with a traffic suspect who was traveling in the La Baie district.

“The independent suspect must pay us a visit and contact us.” “When we arrived on the scene, the car left part of it, but I had received a very precise description before I withdrew,” explained Hervé Berghella at the gate of the SPS.

The patrol drivers go directly to the vehicle until it arrives near the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. They intercepted the vehicle and immediately initiated the arrest of four people who got on board.

“It's a high-risk intervention to test the gate.” In the context in which I understood these last days, I couldn't get the opportunity out of my mind. Partly with the idea that these people could potentially be armed.”

As soon as the men have escaped from the suspects, the police officers move on to the main additional weapons of the fire and the weapons of those responsible and officers.

Second Operation Coup sur Coup

The new elements of the request have permission to allow SPS members to have a secondary operation, at a location in the hotel on Boulevard Talbot.

“On the spot, on the way to the arrest of two other individuals who are criminals around the world, all but weapons,” says Hervé Berghella.

After these two events survived a coup, the police corps moved into its territory for “additional” conquests. Depending on what they said, the new accusations were directed against the six people who are currently not calm.

You compare this just in front of the Chicoutimi Palace of Justice. The suspects are, among other things, accused of illegal possession of weapons.

context of violence

Rappelling during the third evening meant arming yourself with firearms in Saguenay for the next few weeks.

On April 9, 2019, I drove on University Boulevard before heading to Chicoutimi city center. In the end, a man in the laundry was almost tired of living in his apartment because someone jerked his arm to the door before unloading.

The director of the Saguenay Police Service, Mathieu Perron, appealed to the population for addressing the situation of residents and informing the police.

“It is exactly what we do to manage the two operations of our children.” “Asking that the gens continue to live in our ranks and enjoy us,” says Hervé Berghella.

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