Police in western Quebec are accusing a teenager of using social media to harass a victim


A 13-year-old Gatineau, Que. According to police, the boy is facing charges including criminal harassment and distribution of child pornography after he allegedly harassed the victim via social media.

Police at the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais said in a French media release: “A 13-year-old learned the hard way that our use of social media brings with it responsibility.”

The victim, who was also a minor, was subjected to the suspect's attacks “for several months” before his parents filed a complaint, the police said on Friday.

“During the investigation on April 14, police went to the suspect's home to arrest him, but since his parents did not cooperate, police had to turn around and return to the scene the next day with a search warrant issued.” “The search for specific items “is related to certain crimes,” the police said.

The suspect was arrested Monday at a home in Gatineau. At a court appearance on Tuesday, the suspect was charged with criminal harassment, threatening to kill or cause bodily harm, distribution of child pornography and unlawful possession of prohibited or restricted weapons.

Police say the suspect was released on several conditions, including not having direct or indirect access to social media and not having access to the Internet or other digital networks without adult supervision.

“The moral of the story and the most important thing to remember, whether you are a teenager or an adult, is that when using social media and the Internet, we all have responsibilities for what we post online,” said the police.

“The possible consequences of this abuse can lead to a criminal charge, a conviction and, due to the circumstances, a legal action.”