Opponents demonstrate against cycle path | City news


The work plan for the Terrebonne redesign has already been finalized. The first phase, scheduled for the week of June 24, will involve converting the street into one-way streets leading east and west (to Girouard and Coronation, respectively) from Cavendish. It will also involve building a two-lane bike path and removing parking spaces on the north side.

The plan was approved and the work plan announced, but that didn't stop opponents from protesting the plan, which they say was not approved in consultation with affected residents and is being imposed on the neighborhood to serve a small minority. They also questioned the data and methodology on bicycle traffic used to support the plan, which will ultimately result in about 300 fewer parking spaces on Terrebonne. One person noted that after 90 minutes at the corner, only 9 cyclists were seen on the street, prompting another to comment, “The 400 the district says are all riding at 3 a.m.!”, which ended with loud laughter.

On Saturday, about 120 people gathered in William Hurst Park to voice their opposition to the plan, carrying signs and listening to speakers including NDG Schools Commissioner Joseph Lalla and Snowdon Town Councillor Sonny Moroz. Organizers also condemned the process as undemocratic and vowed to keep up the pressure to stop or reverse the project “until there is real consultation,” said co-organizer Irwin Rapoport.

Several protesters spoke about the impact on various institutions, stating that the city will not allow St. Monica's Church to convert part of its green space into a parking lot, which would effectively force the church to drastically change its wedding and funeral practices.

Under close observation by two SPDM officers, the group was frequently booed by passersby on bicycles who shouted “Let's get on the road!” and “Take care of it!” One cyclist stopped to hurl abuse at the protesters before cursing at the crowd. However, many motorists honked in support of the demonstration, including several City of Montreal vehicles. A municipal official said: The suburb At the intersection: “The city center doesn’t care about these people.”

Work will proceed in three phases: Cavendish to Coronation, Cavendish to Grand and Grand to Girouard and is expected to take approximately one month.