Nissan Sentra Cup 2023 Champion: Alexandre Fortin


Alexandre Fortin won the Nissan Sentra Cup championship in his third season of racing. Fortin started the year with a win and a DNF at Circuit Mont-Tremblant before finishing second at Circuit ICAR. He then won both races in the prestigious GP3R; He says it was pretty great to win multiple races there in the same weekend, after three podiums in four previous starts.

Fortin took two victories between ICAR and CTMP while achieving the goal of joining his father on the podium. He hoped to secure the title in the first race at Mont-Tremblant so he could aim for victory in the second race, but a retirement changed his approach. He finished second and took the title.

The road course isn't the only place Fortin competed at Mont-Tremblant. At the age of 14, he dedicated himself fully to skiing and competed professionally for several years before returning to motorsports in 2021.

“I was pretty good at karting, I was pretty good at skiing, I had to choose which one I wanted to pursue and I chose skiing,” Fortin said, noting that over time he became unable to do it . “I didn’t compete for a year, but there was an urge that needed to be satisfied, and that was racing cars.”

Fortin was approached by the Ste-Foy & Beauport Nissan team, who wanted to join the Sentra Cup field and knew he had raced as a child. He says he is grateful for the time his team has put in and is excited to bring them a championship.

“Our mechanics aren’t actually mechanics, they’re family members who enjoy racing with us,” Fortin said. “They, like us, learned to operate the brakes and suspension; They've never worked on this before. But they’re a really passionate bunch and over the weekend they read about how to set up the car better… it was nice to have them around.”

Fortin previously took fourth and third place in the overall standings. He says his experience has made him an even calmer person and helped him be more patient and take the right steps to achieve consistent results in 2023.