New delay for the renovation of the À-la-Claire-Fontaine swimming pool


The montage was communicated to the composer with the support of the Foundation and the support of public water and health services, more specifically in the city of Sherbrooke. The Project Representative's total envelope is currently $9,227,828.

After the meeting, councilor Raïs Kibgonge, who expressed his disagreement, explained that he had been preoccupied with the extensions and that he could not pay attention to them. “Sinon, ça ne finit juste plus”, at-il ajouté.

In 2022, the city budgeted a local renovation project for the company Sherbrooke Construction Longer at $6.4 million before increasing the budget for the house to $8.83 million.

The project includes a swimming pool with six corridors leading to the beach, a beach entrance area, a training area and a games room. A new accumulator building is already included in the plans.

A toboggan run was just completed in September 2023. It only cost $800,000 to install just before we left. The city is being specific, and a team of private partners is responsible for evaluating the possibility of redesigning the equipment.

The Ville de Sherbrooke plans to end the swimming pool work in À-la-Claire-Fontaine on July 18, 2024.

– With Rémi Léonard