Nazi liberals raise alarm over worrying survey among medical graduates


The Nova Scotia Liberal Party expresses concern after receiving a survey of emigrating doctors.

Exit surveys of 73 physicians conducted between May 2021 and December 2023 found that nearly half were dissatisfied with their position and cited their work environment as the main reason for their departure.

“Despite billions spent on health care, outcomes for doctors and patients have clearly not improved,” said opposition leader Zach Churchill. “Nearly 160,000 Nova Scotians already do not have a family doctor. If the Prime Minister wants to double the population, we must address the work environment issues that doctors face.”

Sixty percent of doctors who left the province in the last three years did so to find other employment opportunities.

The survey also revealed a trend in new hires: one in four respondents had only been working for NSH for a short time – between one and five years.

“We need to make sure we can retain the doctors we have, especially those who are new to the province or new to practice,” said Kelly Regan, critic for the Health and Wellness Institute. “We've heard countless stories of doctors who have migrated to Nova Scotia but feel they are doomed. Losing doctors in preventable situations is unacceptable.”