MB NDP says Budget 2024 will support 3,350 social housing units this year


The Manitoba government says it is taking steps to end chronic homelessness and make it more affordable for all Manitobans to rent or own a home.

Housing, Addictions and Homelessness Minister Bernadette Smith announced Thursday: “Our government's approach to housing will help Manitoba families and focus on those who need it most.” Our first budget will be 350 new units Fund social and affordable housing and support 3,000 more. This is a historic investment that will help more Manitobans have a place to call home and builds on the work already underway.”

The 2024 Budget invests over $116 million in the construction and maintenance of social and affordable housing initiatives. Under this funding, the Government of Manitoba will build 350 new social and affordable housing units and help renovate and repair 3,000 units to keep them available to the people of Manitoba who need them.

In addition to the 350 new units included in the 2024 budget, the Government of Manitoba is proud to have supported several projects over the past six months to meet the needs of our communities, including Market Lands, the minister noted . The Government of Manitoba is providing capital in the form of a forgivable loan of up to $1.8 million for the construction of Market Lands. In addition to capital funding, the Government of Manitoba will provide rental supplements so that 48 of the 95 units will be rented on an income-based rental basis. Market Lands is being developed by Market Land Inc., a partnership between Center Venture and the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation 2.0.

“Our government took immediate action to provide more housing to those who need it most, and we continue to support important projects like Market Lands to create more housing units across the province,” Smith said. “We will continue to expand this work in the coming years.”

The 2024 budget will create more units of social and affordable housing in one year than the previous government did in its first four years, the minister emphasized.

The Government of Manitoba is taking steps to support more housing across the spectrum, including:

-Emergency shelter and comprehensive support to get people off the streets and out of tents;
-social housing, including income-driven rents, which help keep people housed for longer periods;
-Measures to increase the supply of affordable housing and reduce rents for middle-income families; And
– Middle-income families can more easily afford a home in Manitoba.