Letters: Moe's reaction to Weekes' gun claims simply unacceptable


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You've got to love Premier Scott Moe and his lackeys! Speaker Randy Weekes' recent revelations of intimidation and interference in his supposedly independent legislative role are just another example of the Moe government's long list of pulling out all the stops to get its way.

Moe's response? He said he hadn't heard anything. And Weekes is just grumpy about not being re-nominated for the upcoming election – shorthand for the Saskatchewan Party government's now-famous “deny/attack” approach to dealing with criticism.

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Maybe it's a little unfortunate, but seriously… come on, man! That's enough.

Robert Blackwell, Regina

Harrison's gun allegations are complete nonsense

Global warming has now progressed to the point where tropical fruit can be grown at ever more northerly latitudes. The result is that Saskatchewan has officially become Canada's first banana republic.

If anyone has a better explanation for the recent machinations surrounding Speaker of the House Randy Weekes and Saskatchewan Party MP Jeremy Harrison, please feel free to share it.


Dentists do not accept the Liberals’ plan

The Prime Minister's universal dental care plan is not really universal and has failed. Only a few dentists have agreed to implement the plan.

One has to wonder how stupid this program of the Liberals and the National Democratic Party is to start a national program without first checking whether there is solid support from the dentists.

One might even think that if only the “liberal dentists” supported the program, there would be at least the minimum support to launch the program successfully. The participation rate of treating dentists is almost zero, which raises the question: “Are there no liberal dentists in Canada?”

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Or is it like the ArriveScam app, which was so poorly designed by a dysfunctional liberal government that not even liberal dentists want to touch the pathetically designed program with a pair of tongs?

Canadians can only conclude that this is yet another mistake by the Trudeau government to add to the long list of mistakes that looks like a mouth full of painful, rotten cavities.

Chris Robertson, Stony Plain, Alta.

In a May 16 letter titled “MPs endorse poorly thought-out plastics bill,” Terry Neefs was identified as a professor and industry consultant. Neefs has worked in various industries for 43 years and currently serves on several environmental advisory committees. The Leader-Post apologizes and regrets the error.

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