Letters: Canada should abandon NATO and its relentless war machine


Readers voice their opinions on Canada's NATO membership, Gaza ceasefire protests in Saskatoon and alleyway drainage in Saskatoon.

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This April marks the 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an alliance of which Canada was a 12 founding member.

Under the guise of the false claim that it was working to maintain peace and stability, NATO was a relentless war machine for the interests of political and corporate elites.

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In service of these interests, NATO has been a primary instrument of war, occupation and destabilization. The people of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Palestine are among the better-known victims of NATO policies.

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Canada's involvement in NATO has resulted in the Canadian government's inability to pursue a foreign policy that deviates from the will of the United States, and it has also resulted in billions being spent on social causes and should be used for environmental protection in Canada as well as for humanitarian aid abroad.

First, billions of dollars going to the Canadian military should be used to build affordable, quality housing across Canada.

To emerge from this dangerous path of destruction that threatens global annihilation, Canada must transition to a foreign policy of peace and disarmament. 75 years is a shamefully long history of invasion, destruction and death for profit.

Canada must say no to endless war and withdraw from NATO!

Ed Lehman, Regina

StarPhoenix was supposed to report on rallies in the Gaza Strip

Rallies calling for a ceasefire in Gaza have been held weekly for the past five months at Saskatoon City Hall and Eighth Street.

These meetings were attended by up to 100 people concerned about the terrible loss of life in Gaza and the conditions in which the two million Palestinians living there are close to famine.

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We are disappointed that StarPhoenix has not published a story or photo informing Saskatoon residents about these rallies continuing.

Michael Murphy, Saskatoon

An advantage for downward facing spouts

I think the city needs to get serious about requiring by law that existing homeowners and new builders can only run their downspouts toward their property – not the alley!

This change would prevent our alleys from getting muddy, ease the burden on city maintenance (especially in the spring), save homeowners tax dollars, save existing garage owners from getting stuck at the exit of the alleys, and keep our garages from becoming muddy.

This would also create a new task of realigning the ends of the outlet pipes. It's easy.

Al Ritchie, Saskatoon

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