LETTER: The province's “plan to connect Ontario” ignores Cambridge


“Doug Ford has ignored Cambridge’s need for GO Train connections and the local Conservatives will therefore lose their two seats in the next election,” writes one reader

CambridgeToday received the following letter from Paul Langan responds to “Council hears GO train between Cambridge and Guelph will take at least six years to complete.”

Despite citizen initiatives and numerous studies, the Region of Waterloo and the Province of Ontario have taken no action to bring GO Rail service to Cambridge for over 40 years.

Among Ontario's 23 largest cities, Cambridge has the dubious honor of being the only one that has no intercity passenger trains whatsoever.

Recently, Waterloo Region officials presented Cambridge City Council with a plan for GO Rail service to Cambridge within seven years.

Local media outlets, unwilling and unable to conduct investigative reporting, failed to mention that they receive no funding for this from Doug Ford's government.

The province has spent money promoting “a plan to connect Ontario” and that “Ontario will add more than 300 weekly GO Transit trips by the end of the month.” Cambridge is not included in those plans.

It's a political issue, and I guess Doug Ford won't be concerned about the two Conservative seats in the Cambridge area (Brian Riddell and Jess Dixon) in the next provincial election.

There is a real chance they will lose their seats because Ford is ignoring Cambridge GO's transportation needs.

MPP Dixon actually seems to care about this issue, but she fails to convey the message to her boss.

In contrast, the Ford government gave Metrolinx 21 days to review the extension of light rail from Mississauga to Brampton. After less than a month, Ford approved spending the money (a total of $4.6 billion) to extend the line.

Given that Bonnie Crombie (former mayor of Mississauga, now Liberal provincial leader) is a force to be reckoned with, I guess it was worth spending the money on the MPP seats in that region.

It doesn't matter what latest interpretation Waterloo Region gives to its decades-long debacle regarding the City of Cambridge's Go Transit requirements.

Doug Ford has ignored Cambridge's need for a GO Train connection and the local Conservatives will lose their two seats in the next election as a result.

Paul Langan,
Cambridge, UK