Le CREPS, a first as a model in Quebec


Le CREPS is celebrating its 50th birthdaye anniversary last week. For this reason, some firsts who looked back on the Odysse des Bâtisseurs during their journey to get a review of the establishment. And it was just bad.

Mais d'abord, a little summary. In 1975, when the athletic complex opened on Campus B, the Wilbrod-Dufour Pavilion was officially dedicated. The construction company's recommendations were made in the Lindsay Commission's 1964 report and portrayed on the streets. Before the premiere, he was in Quebec, a community near Alma, in collaboration with a school commission, near Lac-Saint-Jean.

“A complex urban sport and a school that had a provincial premiere and that we knew was on the way.” Around the world, after designing the full-length aircraft, Pierre Bourdeau insisted that he officially held the position of head of leisure activities.

A model

Therefore, reuse can occur, the case of the Center Régional d'Éducation Physique et des Sports (CREPS) is served by a number of models in a good municipal administration.

“I haven't had a week without us demanding our business protocols.” The large community and school sports complexes are inspired by those we have accomplished. »

From the beginning, the CREPS includes an administrative center for the park and recreation service, an equipment service, sales rooms with various functions, a restaurant, two terraces, two double gymnasiums as well as a swimming pool area, chose plutôt rare encore aujourd'hui.

A tool against sedentary behavior

During the time of CREPS Day, Québécois was at the forefront of the rest of Canada, where Pierre Landry, the former Kino-Québec coordinator at CREPS, was in majority residence. In the 1970 annual tournament, statistics showed that in the Quebec area, 85% of adults engaged in sedentary activities and 15% engaged in hands-on physical activities.

“As your current cinema coordinator fulfills his mission, he must increase the proportion of people who engage in physical activity.” »

As part of the construction work in CREPS, the Almatois were involved in a consultation aimed at identifying what their employees and their staff needed in the area of ​​sports and leisure infrastructure. Le CREPS meets the needs of the population.

Bien qu'il ne puisse fournir de chiffres, c'est sans ombre d'an douute que Pierre Landry l'affirme: the CREPS a réussi à faire bouger davantage les Almatois.

“Tout de suite after the initiation, it's a mystery to me in the gutters and there's no reason to do it anymore!” »

The changes of old employees are registered so that they can be archived at the Société d'Histoire du Lac-Saint-Jean.