Kidscreen » Archive » Studio Unagi opens store in Montreal


New indie animation studio Studio Unagi has officially opened in Montreal after quietly establishing itself over the past few months.

At the helm is President and Founder Guillaume Dubois, who has more than 15 years of experience in the animation and children's television industry and previously worked at Mondo TV and Gaumont.

Unagi will focus on 2D animated service work and also develop anime-inspired concepts. “Our goal [is] “We want to combine the technical and artistic excellence of Japanese animation with the cultural richness and creativity of Montreal to offer a competitive presence in North America,” explains Dubois.

Ankama CEO Anthony Roux has signed a first strategic partnership with Unagi, covering two of the French studio's upcoming series: Sacred Court (26 x 26 minutes, pictured) for five to nines on France Télévisions and teen toon Bestials (seven x 11 minutes) for the French VOD service Animation Digital Network. Production on both projects is currently underway.

Looking ahead, Unagi plans to expand its pipeline beyond TV content and explore projects in YouTube, video games and other emerging formats. The studio is still building staff, but its workforce so far is 90% Canadian, with 75% of positions held by women.