Jeremy Harrison from Sask. resigns as government party leader


Sask. Party member Jeremy Harrison announces he will resign as government leader after revealing he brought a gun into Parliament House a decade ago.

Harrison announced his resignation on Friday after House Speaker Randy Weekes raised allegations related to the firearm.

Harrison said he did not bring a gun into the legislative chamber or anywhere else in the Parliament building during the period Weekes claimed. However, he confirmed that he did bring a gun onto the property on a hunting trip about a decade ago.

“About ten years ago, I went hunting one weekend. I stopped briefly at Parliament House and, with the knowledge of security officers, brought a properly wrapped long gun into the building so as not to leave it unattended in my vehicle in the parking lot. In retrospect, I should not have done that,” Harrison said in a statement released Friday.

Harrison also apologised for what he considered to be poor judgement and for failing to inform the Prime Minister at the time of his actions.

He added that current Prime Minister Scott Moe had accepted his resignation as leader of the government.

Harrison remains MP for Meadow Lake and Minister of Trade, Export Development, Immigration and Skilled Training, Innovation Saskatchewan and Tourism Saskatchewan.

– Further details to follow.