Inspired by a video anthem, an American television show visits Mount Pearl


Oli Pettigrew took one look at the video for Mount Pearl's new unofficial anthem and decided he had to experience it for himself.

The host of Right this minute, for an American television show where videos are tested before they go viral, bought a plane ticket and flew all the way from Phoenix, Arizona, to Newfoundland and Labrador to film a segment.

For a man who makes his living watching Internet videos, Pettigrew has seen it all. But there was something special about the Mount Pearl video, produced by Target Marketing.

“My definition of a viral video is a video that elicits an emotional response. It doesn't matter what the emotion is. You can be angry and still share it,” he said.

“But this video made me laugh after 20 seconds.”

Pettigrew highlighted the video on a recent show and said he would come if the city invited him.

And sure enough, the city council sent the invitation, so Pettigrew boarded a plane.

Although he was only in the city for 36 hours, the Hong Kong-born TV presenter made the most of it, attempting to recreate scenes from the video to see if real life in Mount Pearl could live up to it.

Pettigrew did water aerobics with “60 elderly ladies.” He went to the museum and watched tapes on the VCR. He rode in a garbage truck.

But the first thing he wanted to do was walk the pony.

“It's exactly as it's portrayed in the video,” he said. “That's the great thing about it. I'm so glad I came here.”

The segment will air in an episode soon, but the exact date has not yet been announced. The show will air on 200 channels in all 50 states, and many clips will be posted online.

Pettigrew finished filming on Monday evening at the Landwash Brewery, where he was joined by some of the people involved in the original video.

And what about Mount Pearl Curl?

“We just need a little more spray and I think I can do it.”

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