Information for fans: Watford vs Hull City


The We campaign, which sees dedicated club staff working with Herts Police's Hate Crime Unit to investigate and take appropriate action on all reported incidents of discrimination and abuse, is in its fifth season and has been running since its launch in autumn 2019 Received 100 complaints. We would like to thank the supporters who have used the We campaign so far.

If you hear discriminatory insults or excessive anti-social behavior or see safety issues, please contact us Immediately text “We” followed by seat numbers and details to 66777.

The same details are used at all Watford FC men's and women's matches and Community Trust events. So please work with us to make our stadiums and events enjoyable for all fans.

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Use of the “G-word”

Last season the club began raising awareness about the use of the “G-word” in stadiums. This is a derivative of “Gypsy”, which is used at the end of a popular chant about our local rivals.

We are fully aware that our fans have been using this saying for several years and we are also aware that many of our fans view the word as “football banter” and “part of the game”. The word in question is racist, its use can be classified as a hate crime, and we will no longer ignore its use in our games.

Everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs, should feel truly welcome to be part of or connected to our club. Please help us to ensure there are no racist abuse on Vicarage Road.

I love football. Protect the game.