I went to Hull's gambling pub – and didn't want to leave


Just outside Hull city centre lies a corner pub with an unexpected 200-year history.

The history of the Spring Bank Tavern goes back to 1825, but under a different name. The Pineapple only existed for about ten years before it was renamed to the name that everyone knows today.

Although there was a time when the Spring Bank Tavern seemed extinct, closing for over a decade in the 2010s, the bar found new life when it reopened its doors in 2021. Taken over by two former employees of the Hull Royal Infirmary, the venue has undergone a major transformation – it has become a gaming-only bar and hosts numerous events throughout the week.

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Just by looking at the exterior of the building, you can tell that there is history in the bricks. Above the entrance door on the corner hangs a large black sign whose gold lettering appears to have worn away over the decades, which only adds to the historic feel of the building.

Before I even entered the bar, I could hear the sound of a break, as there was a free pool table. The walls of the front room were decorated with coasters and a plaque signed with many names; presumably a “Wall of Fame” for recent pool winners.

When I went to the bar, the bartender was explaining the rules of cornhole to a few patrons. Their house beer was called The Good Sh*t, without the asterisk, but I stuck with half a Staropramen.

The second room was equipped with games and plenty of seating on a podium stage. Anyone who has ever been to Spiders can imagine it as a pub.