“Heartbreaking”: A family’s motorhome stolen from their front yard just days after it was bought


A New Brunswick family's summer plans have come to a halt when their RV was stolen from their front yard less than a week after they bought it.

Angelina Flynn said she and her husband saved for more than a year to purchase the recreational vehicle in hopes of taking several trips across the province with their children this summer.

She described the purchase as a “dream” for her family, but it quickly turned into a nightmare when they woke up on Monday morning to find their newly acquired home on wheels was nowhere to be found.

“People can steal a lot of things from your property, but when they steal your dream, it's heartbreaking,” she said in an interview with Global News on Tuesday.

The family paid about $10,000 for the vehicle, which had been on their property for only five days before it was stolen.

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“We spent the weekend enjoying each other's company, playing cards, cleaning up and putting our things inside. I'm just so thankful I didn't let my kids sleep in the RV on Sunday night,” she said.

Flynn, who lives on a farm in the rural community of Cornhill, said she could not believe someone could steal the 10-metre-long vehicle while manoeuvring around the tractor parked in her driveway. She said her children were deeply saddened that the new family camper had gone missing.

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She said her husband thought she was joking when she first asked him about the whereabouts of the RV.

“I looked out the window while I was making sandwiches for my kids and asked my husband, 'Where's the RV?' And he thought I had driven it away,” she explained. “But in reality, it was gone.”

Flynn said the family had remembered to lock the vehicle every night since they parked it on their property, except for Saturday night. Unfortunately, that was all that was needed.

“The RV was so close to our house. I mean, I'm in my own backyard,” she said.

Safety concerns

She said the recent theft has increased concerns about the safety of her children and the overall security of the farm.

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“I didn't even want to let my kids play outside last night after dinner because I don't know if there's someone hiding in the woods watching me,” she asked. “How would they know there was no one in the RV to take it? We had it for five days, it's not something that's always happened here.”

Flynn said her family lives in a relatively remote area, so she never thought their property was at high risk of theft.

“I'm in the middle of nowhere. I have a big yard. I have a driveway, and they had to come in and maneuver this RV around my tractor to get it out of the driveway while we were sleeping,” she said.

She wanted to use the motorhome to offer not only her family a ticket to summer vacation, but also a larger group of children.

“I often work as a foster parent on the weekends to give foster parents a break,” she explained. “Some of them have never camped or had a campfire or roasted marshmallows. To be able to give someone that experience in my own backyard was something I know the kids will be as heartbroken as our family.”

They are in close contact with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) of New Brunswick and are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can locate the RV.

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“We want our dream back,” she said.

In a social media post Tuesday, police urged anyone who saw the stolen vehicle to contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Sussex at 506-433-7700.

“The RV is described as a white and blue 2000 Ford Conquest Gulf Stream with New Brunswick license plate KED 405,” police said in a statement.

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