Harvest report shows rain slows Manitoba farmers' planting –


The Manitoba crop report shows that planting in Manitoba is slowing due to recent rainfall.

According to the latest report, the area is 64 percent complete. While this is a significant increase from the previous week's 47 percent, it is still below the five-year average of 75 percent.

Dennis Lange, author of Manitoba Agriculture's crop report, says the province has seen significant rainfall.

“We had some weather systems that moved through late last week on May 24. This system brought some significant rainfall to the province, the highest amounts were observed in the central region and Winkler ended up with about 87mm of rainfall over a 25-hour period. Other parts of the central, southwest and northwest areas received precipitation in the form of wet snow and temperatures also dropped.”

Sowing is also progressing and some crops in the province are about to be harvested.

“For cereals, for example, the harvest of spring wheat is 87 percent complete, of barley 79 percent and of oats 76 percent,” said Lange. “Grain maize is also making progress, with 80 percent of the harvest completed in most regions, and for some oilseeds, rapeseed and sunflower are each 41 percent complete.”

“The pulses and soybeans, field peas are 96 percent sown, soybeans 55 percent and dry beans 24 percent. They are among the later seasonal crops that we grow.”

The pastures have survived the rain well and producers can expect a little more green.

“They're looking pretty good, the rain has stimulated growth and everything is getting really green. Hayfields and pastures are both in good shape and there is some standing water in some areas, which was to be expected,” Lange said. “All the low areas and ditches are flooded and the alfalfa is now standing, about a foot tall and very dense.”