Harrison Butker reiterates controversial comments: “I’m not trying to please people, I’m trying to please Jesus Christ”


Harrison Butker sticks to his controversial views.

The Chiefs kicker made controversial headlines at Benedictine College's 2024 graduation ceremony when he made remarks about the role of women in society, President Joe Biden, the LGBTQ+ community and Pride month. In the days following his graduation speech, he received both backlash and support from various groups.

In the NFL, Butker is a three-time Super Bowl winner with Kansas City. He has been Patrick Mahomes' kicker throughout his time with the organization and has established himself as one of the best at the position. While a kicker will always face a mix of hate and praise from fans, Butker has never experienced such a reaction, either positive or negative, to anything he has done on the field.

In the week following his May 11 speech to Benedictine graduates, Butker remained quiet. However, on May 24, he spoke for the first time since making headlines, this time at a Regina Caeli Academy gala.

Here's what Butker had to say after his opening remarks.

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Harrison Butker reiterates controversial comments

On Friday, May 24, Butker was a speaker at the Courage Under Fire Gala, an event in Nashville hosted by Regina Caeli Academy. The Chiefs kicker is a board member at the school and had the opportunity to address the crowd at the ceremony, where he reiterated his previous statements at the college's graduation ceremony.

“The theme of today's gala – 'Courage Under Fire' – was decided many months ago, but after what we have all experienced over the past two weeks, it now seems a happy coincidence that it is this theme,” Butker said. “If it wasn't clear that timeless Catholic values ​​are hated by many, it is clear now. Over the past few days, my beliefs, or what people think I believe, have been at the center of countless discussions around the world.

“Initially, many people expressed shocking hatred. But over time, even those who did not share my views expressed their support for my religious freedom.”

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In his speech Friday, Butker said he understands how polarizing he has become because of his Catholic faith. He said he is used to receiving both positive and negative feedback for his role as a football player for the Chiefs, but that doesn't compare to the reaction he received after his commencement speech at Benedictine College.

“But as you might expect, the more I've spoken about what is most important to me, which is my Catholic faith, the more polarizing I've become,” Butker said. “It's a decision I made consciously and one I don't regret at all. If we have truth in charity, we should trust in the Lord's providence and let the Holy Spirit do the rest of the work.”

While Butker acknowledged that there are people who will never share his views on Catholic ideology, he said it is not important to please those people. Instead, he wants to focus on his religion and those who share the same belief system.

“I rely on the people closest to me, but I must never forget that it is not people I am trying to please, but Jesus Christ,” Butker said. “I am humbled by the support I have received from all walks of life, but I cannot help but tremble when I think of the courage many saints have shown in their lives.”

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Closing speech by Harrison Butker

At Benedictine College's graduation ceremony on May 11, Butker spoke out against Pride Month and Biden's leadership in the United States. He spoke negatively about LGBTQ+ Pride Month, calling it “the kind of pride that is mortal sin and has an entire month dedicated to it,” but added that he prefers “God-centered pride.”

He then turned to the women in the audience and bluntly explained to them what he thought about their role in society.

“I think you, the women, are the ones who are lied to the most,” Butker said. “Some of you may go on to have successful careers, but I would venture to guess that most of you are most looking forward to your marriage and the children you will bring into the world.”

Butker cited his wife Isabelle as an example of what he believes a woman's role in the world should be. He explained that he can “be the man I am” because his wife has taken on the role of homemaker. Butker also encouraged the male graduates to “be at ease in [their] Masculinity.”

The Chiefs kicker also spoke out against “the tyranny of diversity, equality and inclusion,” arguing, “We are afraid to tell the truth because the truth is unfortunately in the minority right now.”

The complete speech, which lasts over 20 minutes, can be found on YouTube.

What is the Regina Caeli Academy?

According to the school’s website, Regina Caeli Academy is an “accredited K-12 classical homeschooling hybrid academy for Catholic families.”

The academy says students attend classes at local campus centers on Mondays and Thursdays and review the curriculum at home the rest of the week.

The academy's mission statement states that the school “encourages our students to strive for excellence both academically and in virtuous living, self-discipline and responsibility through a classical education in the light of the Catholic tradition.” It also states that the academy “is open to all students regardless of race, color, sex, national origin and ethnic ancestry.”

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The academy is not located in a single location, but in several across the United States. Regina Caeli has locations in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee and Texas.