Granby is making progress on the US Highway 40 Workforce Project, a developer-free affordable housing project


The City of Granby has chosen the NHP Foundationa national nonprofit affordable housing provider, as lead developer for the workforce housing project along US Highway 40. The project was to be built in collaboration with Summit Homes Construction. The two organizations formed Rocky Mountain Workforce Housing, LLC.

Under the agreement between the city and Rocky Mountain Workforce Housing, up to 258 housing units would be built. These units would have consisted of apartments available for rent as well as a mix of townhouses, single-family homes and duplexes.

However, due to soil conditions in the area and a lack of financing options, the Rocky Mountain Workforce Housing Partnership announced that it could not develop the project according to the previous agreement.

The city has decided to continue the project independently of Rocky Mountain Workforce Housing.

“This will allow us to utilize the $3.6 million grant we received from the state,” said Ted Cherry, Granby City Manager.

At the March 26 meeting of the Granby Board of Trustees, the board approved an agreement allowing the city to purchase work product from the Rocky Mountain Workforce Housing Partnership for $250,000. The work product consists primarily of plans, designs, specifications, construction drawings and technical files for the project.

Since purchasing these materials, city staff have been working to create a final plan for Phase 1 of the project so construction can begin this summer. This horizontal infrastructure construction will also begin this summer and includes land grading and utility installation.

The city submits the plan to the planning commission On June 3, the Board of Trustees will consider the June 25 package. According to Granby Assistant City Manager Nicole Schafer, Phase 1 will include the South Loop, which includes 56 rental apartments and two 12-plex apartments. The North Loop will offer construction of up to four single-family homes, four duplexes and 15 townhomes for sale.

“Construction of the first phase is expected to begin this summer after the final plat review process is completed,” Schafer said. “The first phase will offer one- and two-bedroom options priced toward working families and located in a true community that is sustainable and offers the open space and trails we love about Grand County. Future phases will include for-sale single-family homes, semi-detached homes and townhouses, as well as potentially 46 additional rental apartments.”

Schafer also explained that housing will be priced between 80% and 140% of the area's median income and that the deed will have income and wealth restrictions for residents. At least one resident of the household must work at least 32 hours per week for an employer in Grand County or be retired after working for an employer in Grand County for more than five years.

Destination Granby also worked with the city to gather name suggestions for the development. Community members can submit their ideas and the city will announce the new name once it is chosen.