Funding available for municipal clean energy projects


Nazi Minister for Natural Resources, Tory Rushton (photo by Healey)

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HALIFAX: Community clean energy projects focusing on buildings, electricity and transport can be supported through the Low Carbon Communities programme.

“Nova Scotia’s communities have long been one of our greatest allies in the fight against climate change,” said Tory Rushton, Minister of Natural Resources and Renewable Energy.

“With the annual Low Carbon Communities grants, we support communities in launching their innovative clean energy projects, bringing them closer to the goal of reduced emissions and a cleaner future.”


Funds from the Low Carbon Communities program can be used for community planning and design, feasibility studies, education, public engagement and initiatives that contribute to the implementation of low-carbon solutions.

Some examples:

– Energy audits, designs and comprehensive renovation plans for new or existing buildings

– Plans or studies for community solar energy, grid-connected solar energy or energy storage

– Plans or studies for electric vehicle fleets or shared mobility services

– Development and training of the workforce and further education in the field of clean energy.

The program is open to Nova Scotia municipalities, First Nations tribes and organizations, registered non-profit organizations, post-secondary educational institutions and businesses with clean energy projects that benefit local communities.


Low Carbon Communities is a commitment under Our Climate, Our Future: Nova Scotia’s Climate Plan for Clean Growth.

The plan aims to create a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future for all Nova Scotians. It includes initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, transition to clean energy and transportation, create a clean economy, increase the energy efficiency of homes and buildings and improve their resilience to the impacts of climate change, and support Nova Scotians in adapting to climate change.

Quick facts:

– Deadline for applications is 24 June

– USD 1.5 million is available for projects this fiscal year

– Since launching in 2018, $5 million has been invested through Low Carbon Communities to support approximately 90 community-led projects across the province

– The Low Carbon Communities Grant supports Measure 54 under Our Climate, Our Future: Nova Scotia’s Climate Plan for Clean Growth.