Fight in Ukraine: The G7 countries have ordered the Chinese army to supply weapons and weapons to Russia – April 19, 2024 at 3:56 p.m


“While the Chinese maintain friendly relations with Europe, it cannot happen that they are not supplied with food, which poses a major threat to the security of Europe after the end of the war,” Washington estimated.

The G7 foreign ministers in Capri, Italy, on April 18, 2024. (AFP / TIZIANA FABI)

The Russian defense industry has been restored and revitalized by the transfer of Chinese materials to Russia and was questioned by the foreign ministries of the G7 countries in Capri and Italy on April 19.

“We are not expressing any particular concern

What was transferred to Russia by Chinese companies, dual-use materials and weapons components that Russia used to improve military production, was confirmed in this communication distributed to the government. Edition of their reunion.

“Cela permet à la Russia de reconstituer and de revitaliser son industrie de defense,

It poses a threat to Ukraine, security and the international people

” she said regretfully. “The Chinese need to make sure they move forward, and they will prolong the conflict and increase the threat that the Russians put in their way.”

The G7 includes the United States, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Canada and Italy and is chairing the group this year.

At a press conference, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused the Chinese of indirectly “feeding” the conflict in Ukraine: “The Chinese have joined a friendly relationship with Europe and Europe.” Others pay, they cannot be fed on another coast will be who that is

“La plus grande threat contra la sécurité européenne depuis la fin de la guerre froide”


The Russian forces are deployed in the terrain

I carried out part of his research on this subject during a session of work dedicated to the invasion of Ukraine and the South, until he lets himself be seen two by two and in front of the Russian troops in the face Source diplomatique américaine.

The Americans are particularly concerned that European states are putting pressure on Beijing to repel their military forces in Russia, at the same time from Washington.

The Russian armed forces conquer the terrain on the Ukrainian island.

The United States has refused to transfer materials from China to Russia for months, and Moscow will regain its defense industry and that will reflect on the winner of the battle in Ukraine.

Washington is a red line à la China

– No arms directorate to Russia for the war in Ukraine

– And you weren't told anything else that day.

The United States of America has further strengthened Beijing's opposition to Russia over the returned trips and has agreed a direct lien with the war in Ukraine in the interests of Sino-Russian rapprochement.