Extent of Acun Ilicalis's role at Hull City revealed amid Premier League cash flow


A quick look at Hull City's accounts for the last financial year shows the harsh reality of a club in the Championship trying to compete with those making parachute payments.

Owner Acun Iicali filled the financial gap last year with a whopping £24 million and by the time we see the new results, that amount will no doubt have increased significantly due to wage and transfer increases and other price hikes.

To remain competitive, City must find a way to maximise its potential in the current dressing room, academy and transfer market.

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There are still a number of City's promotion rivals who will continue to receive severance packages: Norwich City and Watford are both entering the third and final year of their Premier League support worth around £16.5m, while West Brom, who were knocked out in the play-offs, no longer have that buffer as they face a fourth year in the Championship.

The winner of Sunday's play-off final at Wembley will pocket around £200m from promotion to the Premier League, but the loser – be it Southampton or hopefully Leeds United – will still be able to pocket £35m for a second season in the Championship, although both are likely to have to sell players.

Burnley, Sheffield United and Luton Town will benefit from around £50 million before that amount is cut if they do not gain direct promotion from this season's top flight, showing just how far behind City and the rest of the Championship clubs are financially.

With two of the three clubs relegated last season, as well as Ipswich Town, going straight back up, the Premier League is set to save a whopping £103 million, which will be distributed among its 20 member clubs.