EN VIDEO | “Laisser l'animal quietle”: We meet a group in danger for photos


A group of individuals who have just brought a son to their family to take photos carried by a fauna protection organism after a video showed their “facial” actions after they ended their lives la toile.

“I confronted the criminals […] And I explain the danger that comes from approaching and manipulating animals. There's a chance I might be nearby and want to defend my little ones. “She was also in danger to our children,” Ashley Hobbs, a biologist with the Caroline du Nord Resources Commission, told CBS News.

March, six people from Caroline du Nord were recently filmed by her trying to meet two of our sons in a tree near which they were on the other side of a door after seeing photos with them eux.

After her actions eluded an Orphelin baby and may have been blessed in the process, after one person in the group joined the Agripper to be caught in flames on camera before the baby was still on the net.

From the pictures I've seen, Ourson may be trying in vain to close the door to find her on the other coast before the second baby, but she was caught by the woman who immediately needed more.

EN VIDEO |  “Laisser l'animal quietle”: We meet a group in danger for photos

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“Remettez-le à sa place, il est effrayé!” Aurait shouts to the subject of the scene, Rachel Staudt, au groupe.

When the family's agents arrived on the hills, they represented our son in a basin in which they retained a lot of water and released him, so that the group kept going to the hills to rescue the recipient, even in the American media.

The baby was born with a low body temperature, enough for the biologist, and when the second baby needed it, it was likely that it was taken back by the mother. At that age, one of us couldn't survive, as CBS News recently said.

Our son was separated from his family and transported to an animal rehabilitation center where he waited 4-6 years ago to gain enough independence to be close to nature.

If you approach an animal that appears to be blessed or abandoned, Ashley Hobbs recommends “leaving the animal alone” and “contact the national animal welfare agency for help” without risking harm in its life to lose If you find yourself in danger, conclude it.