Dubé defends quadrupling the salary of the president of Santé Québec


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A day after sharp criticism from the Parti Québécois, the Legault government on Wednesday defended the decision to increase the salary of the newly appointed CEO of Santé Québec, Christiane Germain, to $173,000 – four times more than the salary originally set for the position a year earlier.

Speaking to reporters in the National Assembly, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé defended the decision by comparing Germain's raise to that of Hydro-Québec CEO Manon Brouillette, who earns $195,000 a year, $120,000 more than her predecessor Jacinthe Côté.

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“Compare it with Manon Brouillette at Hydro-Québec. … There were discussions about the magnitude of the task. It is a big task,” said Dubé, referring to the work that Santé Québec has to do.

Citing the government's record deficit of eleven billion dollars, the PQ accuses the Coalition Avenir Québec of misusing public funds.

The opposition party also pointed out that Santé Québec's CEO, Geneviève Biron, will receive more than $652,000 for the first two years of her term and will have a company car.

“This government is using government funds, which are the hard-earned money of Quebec taxpayers, at its own discretion,” said PQ MP Pascal Bérubé.

A day earlier, the government had rejected a motion by the PQ denouncing the “unreasonable” decision to “quadruple the salary of the president of Santé Québec and pay for a car for the CEO.”

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