Diamonds de Canada presents Lands Collection at the JCK Show in Las Vegas


Diamonds de Canada has announced the launch of its newest jewelry collection, the Lands Collection, which will be showcased at the prestigious JCK Show in Las Vegas from Friday, May 31 to Monday, June 3. This new collection is inspired by three iconic places in Canada's Northwest Territories – Ekati, Diavik and Gahcho Kué. Each piece in the collection is designed to reflect the personality of these territories and the wearer, creating a unique and meaningful jewelry experience.

The Lands Collection consists of 42 pieces that celebrate Italian craftsmanship, Northern Canadian heritage and responsible luxury. Prices range from $299 to $1,700 retail. The collection is divided into three themes: “Ice” represents classic and magical, “Earth” represents courage and adventure, and “Spirit” represents romance and vision.

A unique feature of the Lands Collection is the use of Modern Electrum, an antique-inspired metal made in Italy. Inspired by the electrum techniques of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, this material gives each piece a timeless appeal. What makes Modern Electrum so special is its composition, which includes all five precious metals, sourced entirely from 100% recycled industrial sources, perfectly aligning with the Lands Collection's commitment to sustainability and responsible luxury. In addition, the collection also trains locals in the art of diamond cutting to ensure that each piece of jewelry embodies the earth's treasures and enriches the lives of those involved.

“Diamonds de Canada is delighted to introduce the Lands Collection at the JCK Show in Las Vegas,” said Lyssa King, President of the Lands Collection. “Our collection embodies the beauty, culture and environmental responsibility that are at the core of our brand. The Lands Collection allows wearers to develop a deep connection to the natural splendor and cultural heritage of these iconic places while experiencing the elegance and sophistication of Modern Electrum.”