Des Craintes pour les aînés de Sept-Îles


The CSQ Rejected Persons Movement is keen for the government to put pressure on the security forces to ensure they persist in the current crisis context.

“C'est choquant de se faire repondre qu'ils auront besoin of proches shilfants for pallier the manque of capacity. I am not in charge of the services required by health professionals and the benefactors have always been in charge of the elderly because they have allowed them to leave or march every day,” said Francine Girard, President of the AREQ sector Sept-Iles.

At the public meeting of the CISSS Côte-Nord Board of Directors, I asked you for directions to this point.

The CISSS recently sent a letter to the next few days to ask for their help with the next few days.

“Or, the majority of you are about to die, and the organisms you might be able to help arrive to answer the demand,” AREQ regrets.

The organization must ensure that the health reserve has resources beyond the entire budget.

“In this context, it is incomprehensible that I press the aid workers nearby to ensure the services that my country faces serious consequences for the autonomy of the people concerned,” said the President's President. AREQ, Micheline Germain.