Côte d'Ivoire: 3rd edition of the Semaine Nationale de la Petite Enfance oficiellement ouverte


The third edition of the National Semaine of Petite Enfance (SENAPE 2024) begins on May 15, 2024 in the hall of the CNPS Conference on the Plateau, author of the theme “Positive Parenting: Levy for the harmonious development of the Petite Enfance”.

A theme that considered Moussa Diarassouba, Cabinet Director for Women, Families and Children, “illuminated the main role of parents in the development of their children during the thousand first days of their lives.” ».

“With regard to the Project, the Project for the Development of the Little Man, the Government of Ivory Coast, through the Ministry of Woman, Family and Child, to initiate parent education programs with the effect of reinforcement.” Parent skills and of communities with a view to adopting practical, bienveillant and respectful principles of education of the child », with his full knowledge.

Aussi, he was convinced that he “agreed in this dynamic responsibility linked to the political vision of the President of the Republic, not to have a competent staff, which we launched from 2022 with the organization of the National Semaine of the Petite Enfance On September 17, 2019, communities and families will be able to do the main and primary work of meeting the health, nutritional and cognitive stimulation needs of their children over the first years of their lives.

Selon Moussa Diarassouba, the little girl is a period of time full of opportunities to follow the path of global development of the child and now achieve the foundations of his path.

“To achieve their full potential, children benefit from health benefits, good nutrition, protection, early education opportunities and care,” the statement said.

“We assume that the best child in life has left and has withdrawn from significant benefactors, for us and for the community.” Say, it is our belief and the vision that motivates our sectoral actions within the synergy” said the Cabinet Director of the Woman, Family and Child.

“I made an appeal for mobilization to cross a diction. “It is not an unwanted little boy.” Mais pour qu'an enfant grandisse, il faut tout un village ». We are all members of the village asking our big children and young people for their efforts to provide these little children with the best opportunities to fulfill their potential and increase their dignity when they are held back by the citizens and the cadres responsible for them “Avenir de Notre Nation Repose pour sa Prospérité”, an invitation from M. Moussa Diarassouba.

In part, Ms. Koutouan Félicité, Head of Coordinator of Social Institutions for the Protection of Young Childhood and Socio-Educational Complexes, who has joined the vision of this initiative.

“Our vision is for all children to be concerned with nutrition, health and hygiene measures and even to the end.” The child who needs everything decides to have a debate in life and abseil.

For this reason, the MFFE “chooses to focus on the development of the small building in order to have a solid foundation of quality in Ivory Coast”, justifying this by leading the coordination of facilities and services in the social sector, for Protection of the young child and the socio-educational complex », Koutouan Félicité.

“We want to start an appeal.” We were looking forward to setting off, it was a kind of rural milieu, our essays, to do the protection and guard work directly in the rural milieu. However, when the main objective of the state was not achieved, we focused on the impact of our companions in the periphery and these villages to transform all these kindergartens and places of revenge -elle souhaité. All in all, it is “the heart and soul that we have in this day on the way to an operation called “Operation Parrainage.” We ask that you accompany us to ensure the safety of certain structures.

The director of Save the Children in Ivory Coast, Akebou Sawadogo, said that more than 75% of children aged 1 to 14 face violence against children.

The Semaine Nationale de la Petite Enfance ends on May 17, 2024.