Changes to the NS childcare allowance


In Nova Scotia, changes have been made to the child care subsidy program to make it easier for families to apply and qualify.

From now on, the eligibility requirements for the subsidy are based only on family income and no longer take into account assets such as savings.

Households with annual incomes of $70,000 or less remain eligible and can now save for things like a down payment on a home in addition to the subsidy.

“These changes – like so many measures in our child care reform – make child care accessible to more families,” said Becky Druhan, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.

“Families now benefit from simpler eligibility criteria and can apply more quickly, confident that they can balance childcare with other financial goals.”

A provincial press release on Wednesday said the program will also switch from a paper form to an online application system, reducing administrative burden and shortening processing time.

“A significant portion of grant applicants belong to a generation that prefers working online rather than paper. Switching to an online form is generally cheaper for them and helps them submit applications more quickly,” said Trina Fraser, executive director of East Preston Day Care Centre.

Nova Scotia's Child Care Subsidy Program covers a portion of eligible families' child care costs for children ages 12 and younger.

The annual budget of the program, which currently supports more than 4,000 families, according to the province, is $25.8 million.

Further information on childcare allowance is available on the Internet.