Canadel announced the Bâtisseur Prize


DISTINCTION. The gala “Le Manufacturier”, presented by Desjardins Entreprises, was organized by the Manufacturiers Mauricie Center-du-Québec (MMCQ) in front of more than 300 people to celebrate the dedicated work and excellence of the manufacturing companies in the Mauricie and Du Territory explore Centre-du-Québec.

Among the 22 finalists, 10 prizes now awarded to companies that qualified at different levels, accompanied by business creation, management, sustainable development and innovation.

For this event, the Canadel company received the Grand Prix Bâtisseur, the award of an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial family that has marked the regional economy of the highest quality and its responsibility in society, my son Development is also not a rayon. Founded more than 40 years ago by André Deveault and his son Guy, Canadel, it was a team that was always bee and respectful.

“Winner of the 2024 Bâtisseur Prize is an immense honor for Canadel and all of our extended family.” It is an elucidation of four decades of effort aimed at constructing not only high-quality furniture, but also long-lasting goods with our community , our business partners and our committed employees. Your undeniable contribution is synonymous with our success. We have made some contributions to the regional economy and created a positive company for generations. Thank you so much for making this realization possible,” said the company’s president and general manager, André Giguère.

Other award winners are CRD Placage de Drummondville (Nouvelle entreprise / transfert d'entreprise), Gabriel Lemieux d'Ébénisterie Crystal de Drummondville (Jeune Entreprise), Viandes Rheintal de Bécancour (Durable Development), Phaneuf International de Trois-Rivières (Innovation of Produits) , Matritech de Drummondville (Innovation de procédés innovation opérationnelle), Récupération Mauricie de Saint-Étienne-des-Grès (Santé et sécurité et Coup de coeur), Omnifab de Louiseville (Investissement régional), AGT Robotique de Trois-Rivières (Rayonnement international) and Nicobois de Nicolet (Employeur de choix).

During the evening, all partners were impressed by the quality of their work, remarkable successes of entrepreneurs and the opportunity to make a major contribution to the economic development of the region.

“We were able to make our way to our regional manufacturer in Quebec.” C'est important de se réunir. “It was the first time we saw the work and good results of our manufacturers,” said Catherine Dufresne, general director of MMCQ.

“Companies are constantly failing.” “We tend to live, but entrepreneurs have great resilience and work with a lot of creativity and courage,” said the President of the CA of the MMCQ and the President of Portes Baril, Dany Caron .

A new coup de coeur was rejected by the jury members. L'entreprise Récupération Mauricie asks the ensemble to apply.

“We have chosen a company that stands out for its responsible and social behavior, including its commitment to the health and safety of employees; The integration of the improvement will continue in the current situation. Son engagement during the development of his employees; It is not possible to recognize the limitations that aim to create an environment in which any individual can panic; “Its social mission and its implication of creating a best society,” said Normand Beaulieu, president of the jury.

Les laureates

New entreprise / transfert d'entreprise

CRD Placage, Drummondville

Young entrepreneur

Gabriel Lemieux d'Ébénisterie Crystal, Drummondville

Long-lasting development

Viandes Rhine Valley, Bécancour

Product innovation

Phaneuf International, Trois-Rivieres

Innovation of process innovations in the operational area

Matritech, Drummondville

health and safety

Récupération Mauricie, Saint-Étienne-des-Grès

Regional investment

Omnifab, Louiseville

Rayonnement International

AGT Robotique, Trois-Rivières

Employer of your choice

Nicobois, Nicolet

Coup de coeur

Récupération Mauricie, Saint-Étienne-des-Grès


Canadel, Louiseville