Benzinga's cannabis market will be in the spotlight in New Jersey on June 17th


On June 17, all eyes will be on the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey as the region's first-ever Benzinga Cannabis Market Spotlight takes center stage. This event is not just another conference, but rather a pivotal gathering that promises to shape the future of cannabis in New Jersey and surrounding states.

Hosted by Benzinga in partnership with Rooted in Good, the Spotlight event is a gathering place for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers.

At its heart is the Canna Founders Pitch Competition, an exciting opportunity for emerging companies to shine.

“Benzinga is proud and excited to partner with Rooted in Good to bring the Canna Founders Pitch Competition to New Jersey! If you are a business that has a product or service in the market and ready to sell and had sales of less than $250,000 last year, please feel free to apply by May 28th!”

But this event isn't just about showcasing talent; It's about diving into the core of New Jersey's cannabis landscape.

Benzinga Cannabis Market Spotlight brings cannabis education and networking opportunities to New Brunswick, New Jersey on June 17th

Benzinga Cannabis Market Spotlight New Jersey

Explore New Jersey's burgeoning cannabis market potential and retail opportunities:

Dive deep into the opportunities presented by New Jersey's rapidly growing cannabis market. Discover the growth and success potential of everything from retail companies to innovative products.

Explore the challenges of supply chain logistics and cultivation in a new legal landscape:

With legalization come countless logistical challenges. Learn how industry leaders are navigating the complexities of supply chain management and supply chain cultivation in this evolving regulatory environment.

Navigate the regulatory framework and compliance for cannabis businesses in New Jersey:

Compliance is critical in the cannabis industry. Gain valuable insight into New Jersey's regulatory framework and ensure your business operates smoothly within legal boundaries.

Discuss strategies for moving the illegal market into a regulated, legal framework:

Combating the illegal market requires strategic thinking and innovative solutions. Participate in discussions about effective strategies to transition consumers from the illegal market to legal, regulated channels.

Connect with New Jersey state officials, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and investors:

Connect with key players driving New Jersey's cannabis industry forward. From government officials shaping policy to entrepreneurs driving innovation, take advantage of the opportunity to connect and collaborate.

Gain insights from high-profile figures and pioneers in the cannabis industry:

Learn from the best in the industry as high-profile personalities and industry pioneers share their expertise and insights. From market trends to investment strategies, gain valuable knowledge to advance your cannabis ventures.

Discover the role of cannabis lounges as unique tourist attractions near NYC:

Cannabis lounges offer a unique opportunity for tourism and entertainment. Discover the potential for cannabis lounges to become sought-after attractions near New York City, driving tourism and economic growth.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, events like the Benzinga Cannabis Market Spotlight serve as catalysts for innovation and progress.

Join Benzinga and the local cannabis community on June 17 as we journey to shape the future of cannabis in New Jersey and beyond. Be part of the conversation, seize the opportunity and unlock the potential of this emerging industry.

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