At least $8.2 million for Park Victoria cooling patio installations


The Patiné cooling installations in Victoria Park cost less than $8.2 million LeJournal.

The Soumission envelopes are sent externally. Six suggestions on the theme “Eté reçues”. The plus point presented by Construction Durand was $8.18 million and the plus point was $10 million, after which the advisor to the board member in charge of sports, Jean-François Gosselin, spoke.

Price “satisfactory”

To me, that price is “satisfactory,” with city services estimated to cost $8.9 million for the project. Note that these summers do not have to do with the Patinoire réfrigérée Bleu Blanc Bouge offered by the Fondation des Canadiens for outdoor use.

Including the apartment, which has a special fact in the forest area, it is in an area subject to the regulation of the Commission d'urbanisme et de conservation de Québec (CUCQ), the construction of a new services pavilion to replace the Bâtiment Vétuste of the Parc Victoria , comfort and universal accessibility.

“On est bien content d'avoir eu six soumissionnaires.” In competition. At the price I satisfy is all I need.” The expectations were to pass the conformity test, precisely from M. Gosselin.

Different for each patination

This did not mean that the six Québec refrigerators received the same price as M. Gosselin. For example, in Bon-Pasteur Park, near a new pavilion. “I depend on what choice I have.”

The Martèle monitors that these installations are not necessary for the city, in connection with the uncooled terraces, which are at 52% of the time due to the weather, as is the case in this case. The chilled installations continue and repeat throughout the season.

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